Augustus and the Power of Brutus

Brutus was well known in the Roman empire and one might say he paved a path for Augustus Caesar. And, Augustus was later honored by having a month named after him.

Today, however, Brutus and the month of August have a different connection.

Brutus paved the path for successful trades in the month of August, 2022!

August isn’t over yet, but my software, which I’ve named Brutus, has already proven to be powerfully successful this month!

Our Operation Surge Strike members were able to participate in several Surge trades this month, which included 5 winners out of the last 7 trades closed out so far this month!

Bronze coins from the first century may be worth more than their weight in gold today, but having strings of successful trades like these, and outperforming the market under our current disastrous conditions is PRICELESS!

The month is not over and we’re not finished taking advantage of Implied Volatility Surges happening right now!

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You can achieve results like these listed here as you learn about the strategies and my software that we’re utilizing in today’s market.

My software is proprietary, and you’ll find it nowhere but here, but I’m sharing it with the world.

Meet Brutus

Brutus may have been part of the senate in ancient Rome, but today I use solid software with brute force algorithms to take care of the business of trading.

Let me give you a quick introduction to Brutus – the software that finds trading opportunities around events, such as corporate earnings.

Brutus works diligently and efficiently by using Artificial Intelligence to answer questions every option trader should ask:

  • Which stock should I select?
  • Which options would be most appropriate?
  • When should I get into the trade?
  • What kind of reward might I expect from the trade?
  • When should I plan on exiting the trade?

Members of Operation Surge Strike get the answers to each of these questions, thanks to the help of Brutus.

Once Brutus identifies the right trade candidates, trade alerts are simply sent to each Operation Surge Strike member with detailed instructions about the trading opportunity.

The Special Ingredient for Success

Thanks to Brutus, the success we’re experiencing with event trading sometimes comes from our call option trades, other times from our put option trades, but often times by combining these two strategies.

As you well know, it’s not easy to pick the right direction a stock’s price might move in as the company prepares to report earnings, so focusing on the ingredient of implied volatility is crucial.

I’ve taught traders for years about the power of Implied Volatility – that special ingredient behind successful option trading.

Each option’s price tag has a component of extrinsic value, or time value, and time value is elastic. Time Value can erode as time passes, but it can also become inflated when demand picks up – the kind of demand that consistently rises ahead of earnings reporting.

What does this mean to our Surge Strike trades?

It’s simple – we’re not fighting the battle of natural time erosion that every long call and put buyer dreads!

Obviously, there’s more to our success than a single ingredient.

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Tom Gentile
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