Be Prepared in any Market!

Serious detrimental economic conditions are present as you are well aware.

It is better for you to be prepared for another potential mega-market drop, than to wait until it’s happening and wondering what to do!

Columbia University economists, Jeffrey Sachs, has stated several concerns recently.

Inflation will likely remain high – so investors need to brace for aggressive Fed rate hikes.

“Expect the Fed to get aggressive, because inflation is not simply going to disappear,” Sachs said.

Beijing continues to push for a zero-Covid policy which will continue to disrupt supply chain issues, along with other geopolitical concerns out on the horizon, so economic concerns aren’t going away with simple interest rate hikes.

From a fundamental’s perspective, there are true economic concerns ahead – which won’t be good for stock market prices.

Let’s take a look at the market from a technical perspective.

The chart above illustrates the SPY approaching and nipping at the heels of its 200-day long-term moving average line.

It often takes strong momentum to push through a moving average barrier.

We always like to see strong trading volumes, which lend strength to the trend’s direction.

In March, May and early June of 2022, trading volumes were super heavy as prices fell across the board. In recent weeks, however, as prices have risen, trading volumes have been much lower.

This simply means the pressure has been on the selling side, not the buying side – bearish rather than bullish!

Institutions are the primary force behind price movement. Without significant trading volumes on the buying side, institutions simply aren’t showing the conviction required to keep the trend going.

Don’t be worried.

Be prepared!

I rolled out some software early this year that is capable of finding trading opportunities regardless of trend direction.

While the market has been rising recently despite conviction in volumes, my Quantum Scripts software has found successful trading opportunities.

Quantum Scripts – my newest proprietary software!

My proprietary software found a bullish trade on Nucor (NYSE: NUE), which we entered on July 25 and held until August 4 – resulted in a 51.61% Return on Investment!

Quantum Scripts also found a bearish trade on Overstock (NAS: OSTK). In one day, we were able to close half the position for 104.55% Return on that portion.

Regardless of market direction – my new software is able to find both bullish and bearish trades.

The software I am using has you covered, regardless of market direction!

And, my new software can help simplify life for you.

Once trading opportunities are found, my Quantum Data Profit members simply receive an alert with detailed instructions on:

  • The exact stock symbol.
  • The exact entry date.
  • The exact option strike prices and expiration.
  • The exact exit date.

Essentially, traders are given everything they need to get into and out of either bullish or bearish trades!

Now it’s your turn to be prepared for what happens next in the stock market.

Whether the bullish trend continues, or the dreaded fall comes, you can be prepared.

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