The Profits Don’t Stop, Even on Vacation…

Hi folks!

Tom Gentile here.

I just wanted to pop an and let you know that I’ve begun my journey back home from vacation.

Here’s one last look at the beautiful seaside view before I head out…

While it won’t be a quick trip (travelling between New Zealand and Florida requires almost an entire day in the air with multiple layover stops), it likely won’t be as difficult as the trip out here.

This was one of the tougher journeys I’ve taken, as it took four days just to get to our vacation home.

The trouble started with atmospheric river storms in California grounding us, and continued in Auckland as we missed another connection flight.

Upon getting here, my wife and I were faced with sicknesses and more storms as we tried salvaging what was left of our trip.

We made the best of it, but now it’s time to come home. I’m boarding the first of 3 flights today (I’ll likely be well on my way back by the time you read this), and barring any weather issues, look forward to being home sooner than what it took to get here!

While this has been a vacation with lots of misfortunes for me personally, members of my Quantum Data Profits research service have had a lot to celebrate.

Even though I took a little extra time to relax, there were plenty of profit alerts to send out to Quantum Data Profits subscribers since my vacation began on March 9, including…

  • 166% on half of our WHR Put Spread trade
  • 100% on half of our MRVL Put Spread trade
  • 252% on half of our MRVL Put trade
  • 100% on half of our WDC Put Spread trade
  • 100% on half of our WDC Put trade
  • 200% on our WDC Put trade
  • 78% on our MPC Call Spread trade

And that’s just one out of dozens of profitable trades Quantum Scripts has detected over the past year – with amazing returns from playing stocks that went up and down.

Ready to get in on the action and be a part of my elite trading research service? Go here to learn how you can get my next trade alert, along with all of the other benefits of Quantum Data Profits membership.

To your success,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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