I’m Teaming Up with My Biggest Success Story…

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Tom Gentile here.

Ever since I began my journey into the world of trading education, I’ve trained hundreds of thousands of students on how to use the power of options, combined with rules-based trading strategies, to take their trading performance to the next level.

Today, I want to tell you about one of the biggest success stories to ever be a part of one of my training courses…

I first met Rob Roy back in the days of Optionetics – my first trading education service, which I co-founded back in 1993.

In addition to going on to be a huge success in options trading, Rob has one of the most interesting back stories of any student I’ve had the pleasure to get to know.

Long before he started out in the stock market, Rob made his living as a PGA golf pro for 13 years. He travelled the country playing in tour events alongside legends of the game like Greg Norman and Arnold Palmer, just to name a couple.

Rob was hardly a newbie to trading when he joined Optionetics. In fact, after his golf career, Rob transitioned into the role of financial advisor before becoming a registered securities principal.

But Rob always felt that the financial advisor’s model left a lot to be desired – mainly that it was against using options, even as just a risk management tool.

And so, Rob decided to just trade on his own, which is what eventually led him to me. After attending one of my Optionetics seminars, Rob dove headfirst into options trading, and eventually found himself on the same path I did years before…

It became Rob’s mission to educate as many people as possible about the awesome power of options trading. For years now, Rob has travelled around the world hosting options training seminars.

But that was just the start for Rob…

Using his vast options knowledge, he developed a proprietary trading technique based on a tried and true indicator that has achieved almost unparalleled success.

We’ll get into how it’s done at a later date – because I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be working more closely with Rob in the coming months to bring his incredible strategy to you. But for now, let me tell you just how unbelievably successful he’s been.

Since 2018, Rob’s trades have realized an amazing 75.9% win rate!

In 2022 alone, Rob was somehow able to improve on that incredible overall performance, with a win rate of 81.1%!

Of all of the students I’ve taught over the years, Rob is one of the most accomplished in the world of options trading, and we’ve continued to work closely over the years on everything from options education to golf training products (but that’s a story for another time).

He’s even helped co-host some of my live training seminars, including the time he chipped plastic golf balls off the stage and awarded prizes to attendees that caught them!

As I mentioned, Rob and I are in the early stages of a new collaboration in which we’ll once again be working together to bring you the best in options education.

Keep an eye out for more details, right here at Power Profit Trader.


Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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