13 Stocks Primed to Rise Every September

The end of summer is almost officially here!

Almost time to close up the grill… take down the umbrellas… put away the deck chairs…

That’s actually what I’m doing today — but I’ll be honest, that’s less to do with the end of summer and much more due to the hurricane heading my way.

But just like the seasons tell us what to expect from the weather and what preparations we need to take around our homes, seasons also reveal what we can expect from the market.

A smart trader will use that information to prepare for any potential changes in the market environment.

A profitable trader will use it to trade seasonal stocks that follow the same pattern year after year after year.

In fact, today I’ll tell you about a baker’s dozen of stocks that have repeated the same pattern every September for years… and one in particular has been nothing but gains since 2016.

So, as I prep for the storm, let’s prep together for a seasonal change on the calendar.

The Money Calendar — How Seasonal Patterns Give Me a Trading Edge

As we end another summer — as well as another earnings season — the mainstream narrative will change a bit.

Other than this upcoming Friday, which is when we get unemployment data for the prior month, the big date to watch this month is September 20. That’s when the FOMC will meet to determine the future of interest rates, and whether to cut, pause, or raise short-term rates.

But what about the rest of the month? Well, it will get filled with a who’s who of meetings, earnings outlooks, and more… but I also like to fill it with seasonal probabilities in the stock market.

The calendar below is how I do it — my Money Calendar. This is a calendar that has the best entry and exit dates on the best stocks to be bullish and bearish on, and uses a minimum of 10 years of data to find these gems.

Upon first glance, it looks just like a calendar, with a day assigned to each square. But this calendar has a color assigned to each day as well, running the spectrum from green (bullish) to red (bearish). The greener a day is, the more bullish it is historically, and vice versa for red.

September seems to have a mix of bullish and bearish patterns we can trade, leaning a bit more bearish. Coincidentally, it looks a bit like a tree in autumn.

Today, I want to narrow our focus to just the bullish seasonal patterns we see year after year and show you how we can trade them. There are a handful of companies that see consistent gains each September, and we can use that knowledge — and 10+ years of data — to set up an ideal trade to take advantage of it.

In the video below, you’ll find a list of the most bullish September stocks, along with start and stock dates for all of them. One has a bullish pattern that starts just after Labor Day and runs for two weeks, which means there’s still time to get into a trade! Just click the video to get started.

To your continued success,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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