Market Storm Coming This September… Are You Prepared?

Are you a prepper? I certainly am.

I’ve been prepping for Hurricane Idalia all week, the latest Category 3+ storm to hit Florida. The one before that — Hurricane Ian — also hit as a strong Cat 3… and that was only 11 months ago!

Anyway, this week, I’ve loaded up a couple 25-gallon monster tanks of gas… I’ve stocked up on nearly 100 gallons of water… I’ve locked down pretty much anything we might need if things go south.

And now, I can rest a little easier knowing that I’m prepared.

But Idalia’s not the only danger we’re dealing with… There’s another storm coming right behind it.

Not another hurricane or tropical system, but a storm brewing across the markets.

We’re already seeing the $21 trillion commercial real estate market reach a freefall.

And with $1.5 trillion in commercial mortgages coming due in the next 24 months, this crisis just turned into a generational profit-opportunity. Check out how market expert Shah Gilani is using a special Flip Trade to turn the commercial real estate collapse into big potential wins.

And now, the storm clouds are darkening over U.S. equities.

You see, September is historically one of the worst months in the stock market. Its seasonal patterns have been overwhelmingly bearish for the past 10 years, and VIX has a higher average reading than any other month of the year.

But while most investors are going to start panicking when they see all this red, the people who take the time to plan now have the rare opportunity to set themselves up to profit the rest of the year.

We’ll be talking about the best ways to do that in today’s episode of Power Profit Strategies.

My longtime friend and colleague Chris Johnson and I will break down…

…what’s behind September’s bearish history

…a list of stocks with down patterns over the next 30 days…

…and everything else you’ll need to prepare your portfolio to weather the market storm.

A few simple moves now could pay off for your portfolio when the market comes roaring back to finish the year.

Just click play on the video below, and let’s get started!

To your continued success,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

P.S. We briefly touched on how September’s selloffs should provide an excellent opportunity to buy some of your favorite stocks at a discount. But Chris recently put together a presentation on how you can invest in today’s leading companies — even pricey AI names! — at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods…

Imagine being able to make a long-term investment in NVDA for just $99 per share RIGHT NOW… instead of $470.

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