This is the Top ‘Worst-in-Breed’ Stock Heading into October

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CJ here…

As we’ve been talking about, we’re in a poor seasonality period.

And the Fed’s announcement of keeping interest rates the same puts a little more pressure on the situation.

But instead of playing the long side, I want to show you one sector that’s going to give you a seasonal play to the downside for the next couple of months.

It’s what I’m calling the worst in breed…

Click on the video below to find out why.

    I’m loading up my watchlist right now on the bullish side with some of the Nasdaq 100 companies, which are starting to pull back right now as well as a number of the companies in the S&P 500.

    A number of these stocks, like Nvidia… Microsoft… and Meta, are already trading over $300 per share. So, if you wanted to buy even three shares of Nvidia at its last closing price of $422.39 (on September 20), you’d have pay $1,267.17!

    And let’s face it… most people simply don’t have access to that kind of cash. They’re out here working hard, paying bills, and trying to put food on the table.

    That’s what I want to talk to you about next…

    There’s an under-the-radar strategy Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about that can let you unlock MASSIVE discounts on the most expensive stocks in the world.

    This strategy’s been around since 1990 and was created to give ordinary investors a fair shot in the market.

    • It lets you build long-term positions in pricey AI stocks
    • It lets you pay up to 89% LESS than the current share price
    • And it can unlock 10X the profit potential of traditional investors.

    Here’s how it works…

    As always, I wish you the best trading success!

    Chris Johnson

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