Give Me 20 Minutes and I’ll Deliver Three or More Great Investing Ideas

Dear Reader,

CJ here…

The market is officially “hanging in the balance.”

The current earnings season is failing to spark a rally.

Interest rates continue to climb to levels we haven’t seen since 2008.

For now, the seasonality trade has failed to launch.

Now five sectors are giving me an indication that we’re likely to see some short-term strength within the next week…

But the big question is whether that strength will be the beginning of a new bull run or just a “dead cat bounce.”

Join me for a quick summary of where the market stands from 10,000 feet all the way down to the ground level view – AND the three stocks I’m actively trading.

(Click on the image above to watch this video)

As always, to your best trading success,

Chris Johnson
Quantitative Specialist

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