McCarthy’s Ousting Could Spell Trouble for the Market – Here’s Why

Dear Reader,

What a historic week it’s been!

And while there’s a LOT to talk about, like the volatility we’re seeing right now and some red flags with the current US yield curve…

The BIGGEST news could be the most troublesome to the market right now – for investors and traders alike.

And in today’s episode of the Power Profit Podcast, my friend, Chris Johnson, and I are going to tell you exactly why – and what to do.

Click on the video below – and let’s dive right in…

Regardless of what happens next, the most important thing to remember during times of uncertainty or wild volatility is this: stick to your core trading principles.

That’s what I’ve done to become a successful trader – and it’s what I’ve been teaching to the hundreds of thousands of students of mine over the past three decades.

In fact, I get emails every week from people telling me about their wins, like a former student who made enough money to pay for a 300-acre ranch…

And another who was able to a buy a Corvette – his dream car.

A number of folks were even able to quit their jobs by applying the same strategies, principles, and discipline to their trading.

But no one comes even close to my TOP student.

He beat the top hedge funds in the country by 15X over the past three years alone.

And just recently, he closed a killer trade that made him a rare 688% in just one day.

Here’s what’s even more impressive…

For years, he’s consistently made money on 8 out 10 trades. That’s an almost unheard of 80%-win rate…

He’s grown his account by an incredible 764% in five years.

The man is absolutely UNBEATABLE!

And on Monday, October 9, he’s releasing his next potential ten bagger.

Click here to learn how to get in on the action – before it’s too late…

Have a great weekend!

Tom Gentile
America’s Pattern Trader

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