What October’s Market Letdown Means for Traders Heading into Next Week

Dear Reader,

Well, October hasn’t exactly shaped up to be the treat we thought it would…

As you’ll recall, it was only about three to four weeks ago that we were talking about how everything was setting up nicely for what we thought would be a big run up in the market.

But that simply hasn’t happened.

While the S&P 500 isn’t in meltdown mode, we are sitting at all new lows – the likes of which we haven’t seen since just after Memorial Day weekend.

The Nasdaq had its worst two-day stretch yesterday since last December.

The Dow even followed suit, closing 0.8% in the red for the day.

And on top of that, we’ve got a Fed meeting coming up on Wednesday, November 1, that could drive us out of – or push us further into – correction territory.

So what does all this mean for you as we head into the holiday season?

We’ll talk about it – and more – in this week’s episode of the Power Profit Podcast.

Now let’s get started…

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Enjoy your weekend!

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Tom Gentile
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