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Here’s Who Will Suffer the Most from the Fed Rate Hike

As I’m sure you’re well aware, the Fed raised interest rates by one quarter-point yesterday, stating that the economy is doing well.

Now this decision is certainly good news for Wall Street and the big banks, as they’ve been wanting higher interest rates for some time. But Yellen forgot about (or neglected) one particular industry that was already at risk.

It makes up one of the largest markets in the world and employs over 1.7 million people in the U.S. alone. And if the Fed raises rates again, as I predict they will…

This could be the next “bubble” to burst.

This could be the next “bubble” to burst.

Why You Don’t Need to Fear a Market Correction

This past weekend, I asked you to share your biggest worries about your money. And as I suspected, the Fed’s pursuit of aggressive interest rate hikes and the potential for a major market correction are the most important issues to you right now.

So before the talking heads on the news convince you to pull all your money from the stock market and stuff it under your mattress, let’s talk about everything they’re not saying –

And how you can best protect your money…

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