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Facebook Just Flipped This Age-Old Trading Adage Upside Down

It’s the saying ingrained in traders’ brains from the moment they first look at the market:

Buy the rumor, sell the news.

Essentially, the old adage means that you should buy a stock before the company makes an official announcement and sell it when the news goes public. It allows you to take advantage of the big money.

But a recent move from social media giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is flipping that saying on its head…

See, big-name advertisers are pulling out of FB left and right, sending shares on an 11% plunge in just two trading days.

But FB is the biggest social media company in the world. It will solve this problem – and it’ll come back shining like never before.

So today, we’re reversing everything you know to be true – we’re selling the rumor, and buying the news.

This is the best way to play FB right now…

Three Ways to Profit Off the Ecommerce Boom Right Now

Only four months ago, social distancing were two words we’d never heard of. Now, those 16 letters just about run our lives.

The new status quo isn’t just keeping us from going to concerts or visiting Grandma – it’s affecting everything, right down to the way we shop.

Personally, I always dreaded going to the grocery store. And once the pandemic hit, and shelves were nearly empty? Forget about it!

I’m not the only one either. Many are choosing to stay home and shop online – and one industry is absolutely booming as a result.

While overall U.S. retail sales plummeted as a result of the coronavirus, falling 16% in a single month for a record drop, ecommerce sales are expected to rise 18% in 2020, according to a recent forecast by eMarketer.

Since lockdown restrictions were relaxed, coronavirus cases have dramatically spiked around the world. Seven U.S. states, in fact, just reported their highest coronavirus hospitalizations since the pandemic began. And the CDC warns that this number will skyrocket once the summer is over.

The ecommerce industry is on fire, and it’s only going to get hotter.

Here are three ways to capitalize on one of the hottest industry trends in decades

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