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How to make 500% this month on “Delta variant” volatility

Just when we thought we were done with 2020… we got 2020 2.0.

I’m talking about the Delta variant, of course – the new, more contagious, twice as infectious strain of COVID-19 that now makes up 83% of new cases in the U.S.

To be clear, nobody knows if COVID-19 will return to 2020 peak levels. However, even the prospect of things getting worse before they get better again is enough to move the markets.

We already have proof of that.

On July 8, 2021, Japan issued a national state of emergency in Tokyo to span through the completion of the Olympics due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. The S&P 500 dropped 1.5%+ in response.

Last Friday and this Monday saw the S&P 500 drop 3% with COVID-19 surge news.

Tuesday, the S&P 500 bounced with a rise in bond yields.

The markets are jumpy – and any further negative Delta variant news will likely drop them.

That means a lot of volatility. And volatility spells opportunity for us.

Here’s a fast-moving “Delta” play that could make you 500% in the next month

My “Christmas in July” Earnings Strategy Will Drop Big Bucks in Your Account

“It’s that time of year, where the world falls in love. Every stock you see seems to… GAP BIG!”

Yes, it’s Christmas in July with earnings season now upon us. Hands down, earnings is the best catalyst of consistent and tradeable patterns. If you know how to trade them, you can drop some Christmas cheer right in your trading account any time of the year.

Earnings are concentrated in January and every three months after. Do the math and you’ll discover that July is one of the months with a concentration of earnings announcements.

And this July features a few especially juicy ones.

In fact, today I’m going to give you a sneak peek at a couple of the earnings trades I’m featuring in Operation Surge Strike this month…and show you exactly when and how to profit.

Here’s what to do…

How We Look “Between The Gaps” to Find Precise Earnings Profits

Every listed company in the stock market must announce earnings every 3 months. With the analyst community looking at the financial data of companies with a magnifying glass, the slightest over or under performance can lead to gaps in the stock price immediately after the announcement.

Stocks gap at earnings all the time. Here are a few from last earnings period:

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