The Pick-and-Axe Play in Cryptocurrencies

There’s no question about who won 2017. It was cryptocurrencies. But, more specifically, it was Bitcoin, which has absolutely exploded.

In 2017, Bitcoin, the one that started it all, went from less than $1,000 a coin to above $19,000 on the Coinbase exchange. Since then, it has pulled back some, but it’s still well above $16,000.

That high represents a better-than 1900% increase in price.

So other than my mother-in-law and niece and garbage man asking if they should get in, I decided to find out if there a trend in bitcoin that wasn’t there before now that people who aren’t typically traders or investors are interested.

What I found was especially interesting because it reminded me of another kind of currency rush

Score 328% Gains on 2017’s Largest Deal – without Buying a Single Stock Share

On Monday, CVS Health Corporation (CVS) announced its $69 billion plan to acquire the third-largest health insurer in the U.S., Aetna Inc. (AET). And if it goes through, it will go be the largest deal of the year – and the largest ever in health insurance history.

Now AET shareholders will get $207 per share and 0.8378 of a share of CVS stock (valuing $62).

But there’s a much better way to cash in on this potentially record-breaking deal…

It could more than triple your money in just six weeks.

And it doesn’t require you to own – or buy – a single share of stock