Author: Tom Gentile

Bank a 30-Day Double with Microsoft’s Cutting-Edge New Smartphone

The evolution of the cell phone is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

It feels like a million years ago, but I still remember when people first started using them. They were massive, clunky things that rarely even worked.

Now, they fit in your pocket. And they can tell you everything you’d ever need to know, from the weather to the quickest route home. You can even use them to trade!

The cell phone of the early 90s is a whole lot different than the one you’re probably using today. And the new technology is still on a fast-track to the future.

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT)‘s newest smartphone proves that. It looks completely different than the pocket-sized rectangles we’ve grown used to, and it could shoot MSFT into an entirely new world of profit opportunity.

Here’s how you can cash in

The Three Steps to Developing a Successful Trading Mindset

Many people believe that trading the market is just too difficult.

And you know, I get where they’re coming from. As a beginner trader, it’s easy to allow your emotions to run the show.

But as Power Profit Traders, we know that trading on emotion is one of the number one mistakes you can make.

If you adopt a healthy trader mindset, however, trading works. And here’s the best part – it’s easy.

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