Author: Tom Gentile

The Real Winners and Losers of GameStop’s Short-Lived Rally

Friday morning, GameStop (NYSE: GME) shares fell 40% — and the stock opened with a low of $51.09.

This skyrocketing stock that had social media buzzing is down 90% since the end of January.

In today’s The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are diving into the details regarding the end of GME‘s rally.

We will cover who the real winners and losers are of this unprecedented market event, and where this leaves all of these novice traders now that the dust has settled.

It’s a podcast you won’t want to miss.

Let’s get to the details

Profit on Earnings in 10 Days Using This Low-Risk Play

We’re in the midst of earnings season and it’s being reported that 78% of companies in the S&P 500 have exceeded their sales estimates.

This news of “earnings beats” is adding to the already volatile market.

Earnings are one of the biggest market catalysts that we use to make money because it hits like clockwork.

Even with the uncertain market swings, I have a low risk play that will have you making money in less than 10 days.

This strategy that will allow you to add profits to your portfolio during earnings season no matter what direction the stock moves.

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This Stock is the Short-Sellers’ Next Target – Get in Before the Trading Frenzy

It’s been a week since GameStop’s 400% jump, and we are starting to see the trading frenzy on this particular stock change course.

As talk on the retail gaming company’s meteoric rise simmers down, we are setting our sights on what could be the next “short-squeeze” stock of the week – AMC Entertainment.

AMC is the company that owns the largest movie theater chain in the world, and one of the companies that took a major hit during the pandemic stay-at-home orders.

How to Profit on the Market’s Top “Short-Squeeze” Stocks

This week’s historical moves in the market are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

GameStop and other “failing” stocks are hitting new highs – and hedge funds and professional investors are taking it on the chin.

This is all thanks so a push from social media giant Reddit, where novice investors are throwing money at stocks that have been on the decline… and they are making unbelievable profits.

In today’s The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are diving into these wild market moves – and the moneymaking strategy that nobody’s talking about.

We will cover low-risk ways to play this movement without even touching the radioactive GameStop stock.

Along with this, we are going to uncover the top “short-squeeze” stocks that could have you profiting on “next week’s GameStop.”

Let’s get to the details…

Two Low-Risk Strategies to Play the Market’s “Failed Shorts”

If you keep up with financial news – or just news in general – I’m positive that you’ve heard the name GameStop in the past week.

That’s largely due to the company’s stock hitting a high of $404.43 – up from the 52-week low of $2.57.

Now, if you’re not familiar, GameStop can be equated to a Radio Shack or Blockbuster – it was a place that I’d take my son back in the day where he could pick out video games or where we could sell them back once he beat them.

Today, people can buy all of their games online and download them directly onto their console – rendering GameStop essentially obsolete.

And that’s exactly why these moves are shocking to investors.

Three Ways to Play GameStop’s Unprecedented Jump

If there is one thing that we have learned from this pandemic, it’s that the days of browsing store shelves in person are long gone.

When we have items delivered right to our door, movies streamed right to our TVs, and meals sent with portions measured out, ready to assemble, it’s an inconvenience to make a trip to an actual store.

That’s why the jump in GameStop (GME) that is making headlines across the globe is coming as a major surprise to traditional investors.

GME‘s stock has been in a major decline since 2015 – and in less than five days, the stock has rallied nearly 180% — jumping from $40 during the trading day on Monday up to over $120.

Today, the stock is trading around $147 – well above the 52-week low of $2.57.

The company faced major backlash from stockholders this year when they didn’t do anything to adapt to this new world of “shopping from home” – which is why this spike is coming as a major surprise.

Nobody is going into the stores to buy games when people can download the games straight to their consoles, so where is this interest coming from?

And if you’re anything like me, your next question is: How can I profit?

In the video below, not only will I give some insight to who is responsible for this stock surge, but I am going to give you the top three plays to make money on GME.

Let’s get to it…

The Top Stocks to Buy Following the Presidential Inauguration

It is officially inauguration day, and investors – along with the rest of the world – have their attention focused on what’s happening in Washington.

And the main question that people are asking is this:

What’s going to happen to this bull market?

We have been in the midst of this bullish rally since Election Day with the market up 13% – making this the best post-election performance in modern history. And stocks are nearing new highs during the inaugural address.

In the past, the “changing of the guard” has followed the reliable Presidential Election Cycle.

But Biden was only just sworn into office, and we’re already seeing something different…

That’s exactly why we are going to take a deep dive into the best stocks to trade during Biden’s presidency as Washington turns blue.

You can check out how to profit on this major power shift in the video below…

Trade These Two Sectors to Profit off the Power-Shift in Washington

On January 6, we experienced history when Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate after the race in Georgia came to an end.

And you know me – when the news is running, my eyes are on the stock market.

On the same day that Georgia’s results were finalized, the Dow and S&P closed on all-time highs – and two specific sectors were ahead of the crowd. Both were up roughly 5% on the day and continued to climb.

But I’m going to show you how to play those stocks… for maximum profits.

Here’s how to make money off of Washington’s power-shift…

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Without Leaving Your Stock Account

This past week, Bitcoin’s unstoppable façade was broken.

In less than seven days, the cryptocurrency market’s most famous coin has violently risen and fallen, shooting from $30,000 to $40,000 before crashing back down again to $30K.

But I have just one thing to say…

My bullish Bitcoin prediction has not changed.

Instead, these violent moves have unleashed a new buying opportunity – and not just for crypto traders.

Today, I’ll show you exactly where you’ll want to buy Bitcoin after the coin’s volatile swing. But that’s not all…

I’ll even show you how to trade cryptocurrency without buying a single coin.

You heard me right. You don’t even have to leave your stock account to cash in on crypto’s still-bullish future.

I’m revealing all in the video below

The Best Bullish and Bearish Plays of the New Year

It’s time for our first Profit Strategies Podcast of the new year.

2021’s first week gave us a lot to talk about. And it was somewhat of a reality check for those who thought New Year’s Day would bring a completely clean slate.

It’s clear that this year’s market won’t simply fly in one direction the whole time. That’s why it’s important to know how to profit no matter where the market goes.

Today’s episode is titled Democratic Bulls and Corona Bears – Profit in Both Directions This Year.

After Georgia’s Senate election, the Democrats have taken control of the Senate. And a left-controlled government has turned two sectors in particular into major bulls.

At the same time, the U.S. just reported the largest number of COVID-caused deaths yet. And the pandemic is still holding some bearish names under water.

Today, my Chief Options Strategist, Mike Wade, and I are covering the top bullish and bearish names of the new year.

Check it out below…