The Only Earnings Season Game Plan You Need This Year

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Dear Power Profit Traders,

Earnings season is officially underway.

While this time of year can bring some volatility to the market – the worst thing you could do is get caught up in it.

And while it may be easy just to jump into your next trade – there’s a better way to play these next few months.

Because here at Power Profit Trades, we know nothing can rob your pockets faster than poor planning when it comes to trading

That’s why we stick to time-tested patterns to help us score big.

And earnings season is no different – here’s what I mean

Q1 Earnings Could Devastate the Market – Here’s How to Make Your Next 100%

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) reported better-than-expected revenues this morning, kicking off 2019 first quarter (Q1) earnings season.

Now, despite volatility, we’ve had a pretty good run in the market this year. Interest rates have come down, wages are higher, and all three major indices are closing in on records after major gains since January.

But when it comes to earnings, we’re always looking at the potential for a major reversal – one that could wipe out all of your hard-earned cash.

So today, I’m going to show you the two best ways to avoid losing money on earnings results…

The first is this one very simple strategy, which gives you the know-how to potentially cash in on any company’s earnings report – good or bad.

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