Escalate Your Profit Potential with the Best and Worst Stocks of the Year

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A lot has happened in the market over the past year, good and bad…

There are a select few stocks that have come out on top… and a select few that have done the opposite.

It’s important to take a look at the latest highs and lows to understand which stocks are worth putting your money into – it shows you how to build a trading strategy that will deliver the best possible profits, time and time again.

And when you see what’s been performing the best over the past year, some of those names might surprise you.

Because this important information is the kind of stuff you just don’t get from the news…

How to Play Marriott’s Explosive Three-Year Plan

Marriott International, the globally known hotel chain, just went live with an explosive three-year growth plan following their merger with Starwood.

This plan includes 1,700 new hotels…295,000 new rooms…and more than $700 million in revenue.

Now, with these heavy-hitting figures – there’s no doubt the stock is getting set to skyrocket.

And here’s exactly how to secure the biggest gains from this growth game plan