Two Easy Ways to Pocket Triple-Digit Gains on Amazon’s New Deal, Inc. (AMZN) has been in the news a lot this week – for both good and bad reasons. Take Wednesday, for example, when the media heads were raving about AMZN’s deal with Kohl’s to start selling smart home products, like the Echo. Fast forward a day, and these same pundits were questioning the company over the latest accusations of ignoring tax fraud in the U.K.

This can cause some pretty mixed messaging about whether the stock is worth adding to or keeping in your portfolio. 

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today…

You don’t need to wait for the talking heads in the media to tell you what you should do next –  you can make money no matter what type of press AMZN gets.

And these are the two best strategies to do just that

Forget the Media Pundits – Here’s Why Tesla’s a Buy Right Now

As you’ve probably heard, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced yesterday that Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is at least partially to blame for a deadly autopilot crash last year.

And now, like clockwork, the media pundits are warning against buying the stock altogether – all because of this one breaking news story.

But here’s the thing…

This is yet another perfect example of why making changes to your portfolio based on the latest headlines is the fastest way to lose your money in the stock market.  

And this time, the media heads didn’t just get it wrong – their bad “advice” could cost you the biggest profit opportunity of the year.

Here’s why