Author: Tom Gentile

“Maverick Stocks” for a Turbulent Market

In a market where volatility reigns, you pretty much have to throw out ALL conventional ways of trading.

Fundamental analysis doesn’t work, unless you are really thinking long term and can accept the drawdown that is likely to occur.

Technical analysis doesn’t work because it uses lagging data that, for the most part, often points to oversold conditions.

Even long-term patterns like the “election year pattern” aren’t working (although you could argue that it might just be working when looking the incumbents’ performance over this past year).


The right question that’s on the minds of all short-term traders is…

What stocks or ETFs are working the best in today’s markets?

Let’s take a look at these mavericks today. They come in two distinct types…

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Using All “Four Legs” to Lock in Profits on Flat Markets

I’ve shown you how to use the bull put spread to dominate minor upward market moves.

And I introduced you to the bear call spread… which you can use to take advantage of smaller market downticks.

Both of these strategies are great to use when wanting to further leverage your cost of an option trade beyond buying calls or puts.

But there’s one thing we haven’t talked about yet…

How to play a flat market.

Here’s what you’ll need when the markets just won’t budge…

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Harness the “Superpower” of the Bull Put Spread’s “Opposite”… and Make Huge Profits

All you superhero fans out there know that Superman has an evil doppelganger, Bizarro.

This corrupt clone is a mirror image of Superman, with opposite characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses as our hero.

Now last week, I introduced you to the bull put spread, which is the “Superman” of exploiting slighter upward market moves.

Today, we’re going to meet its mirror image.

But it’s far from evil…

And it has a special superpower that even Superman would want when the markets start falling…

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Clean Up on Small Market Bounces Using this Shocking Power Play

We’ve been focusing on what you can do to make money and protect your profits when the markets are tanking.

Understandably so…

And although U.S. stocks closed on a high note for the first time in FOUR WEEKS last Friday…

Some are saying that the worst of the year is still ahead.

So today, I’m going to give you a power play for smaller upward stock moves – like what we saw last week.

It’s a strategy that can rake in the big bucks from slighter market bounces like what we saw last week.

And when you find out what it is…

It might shock you.

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This Technique Reveals The Price Moves that Matter – And How to Cash In On Them

Back in my high school and college days, I used to take breaks from studying by going to the local arcade.

And one of my favorite games to play was Breakout.

Breakout was a game that was developed off the heels of the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak game, Pong, which proved wildly successful in the 70s.

Now you might be reading this and wondering why an options trader is writing about a game.

And more importantly – what the heck a game has to do with making money in the markets.

Well the answer is…


Here’s why…

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Stressed Over Finding the Perfect Stock? Let This Do the Work for You

The markets have started the year in a significant nosedive.

In fact, we’ve basically replicated the volatility we saw back in August and September of last year.

Any day that we get a bounce, even a slight one, the pundits start asking if this is the bottom.

And you start wondering where you should put your money.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect stock.

There’s a much better way to survive these markets…

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The Best Way to Prepare for the Next Great Recession

It’s been a rough year so far.

And Wednesday was no better, with the Dow dropping by as much as 500 points at times.

On Tuesday, we talked about why selling everything might not be the best idea.

We also talked about how researching, planning, and executing your plan perfectly is key to finding the money-making trades, no matter how the markets are performing.

But what if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to – and things still go wrong?

Well there’s something I left out on Tuesday that answers this question.

It’s something all successful traders have and use before making any trade – including myself.

And it will be your guide to the profits, even when it seems like everything is working against you.

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Make Big Money Ignoring this Big Bank’s Warning

“Sell everything except high yield bonds… investors should be afraid.”

This is the financial advice that economists at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) gave clients on January 8.

When I heard this, I just shook my head.

While there are a lot of reasons to be concerned about the markets, there’s an even bigger concern that’s coming right from those who deem themselves to be financial experts…

These are the same experts who believe it is smart to sell everything except for high yield bonds… when interest rates are rising…

This type of advice could be catastrophic in 2016.

The fact is, there’s money-making trades when the markets are up… AND down.

My Money Calendar Alert subscribers, for example, saw this in a Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) trade opportunity just last Friday, in which they had a chance to make 131% in less than five days.

[Editor’s Note: Click here to find out how to access Tom’s big trade opportunity today.]

The key is researching thoroughly, planning well, and executing perfectly.

And of course, avoiding what could be the worst mistake others will make this year.

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The 1 Thing They’re NOT Saying About Oil May Cost You Deeply…

Of all the recent global events, oil headlines are trumping the media this week.

And while most agree- including myself- that you’d be crazy to invest in oil stocks right now, they can’t seem to agree on what the price of oil will be when it hits bottom.

Some called it at $35 per barrel…before it dropped to $30 for the first time in 13 years.  And as I’m writing this, the news networks are forecasting oil to reach $10 before hitting bottom.

But I’m not going to tell you what the price of oil will be.

My view on oil is that there is just too much supply and too little demand for it. And too much oil right now is a bad thing for the markets.

What I want to talk to you about today is something the pundits AREN’T talking about…

I’ve identified something that they’re not seeing…

And it’s something that’s telling me to ignore everything they’re saying about oil right now.

So forget everything you’ve heard about oil and energy stocks.

Here’s why I won’t buy oil or energy until AFTER Valentine’s Day…

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Traders Beware of this “Options Deathtrap” in 2016

I recently debunked the seven greatest option myths, including one of the most popular ones: options are too risky and you can lose ALL of your money trading them.

Now that one was easy to disprove with one simple and indisputable fact: options were originally created to help mitigate risk.

But there’s something else that I’ve been seeing and hearing that is particularly troubling…

And it’s something that’s more dangerous and disturbing than the option falsehoods we discussed last week.

What’s even more alarming is that, after the chaos that unfolded in the markets last week, traders may actually believe it.

You yourself might have even heard this… and you might even be strongly considering it.

But before you make the WORST decision of your trading career…

Take five minutes and read this.

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