Author: Tom Gentile

The Two Biggest Mistakes Options Traders Make Every Day

Have you ever found yourself  in one (or both) of the following situations?

You close out your trade and take your profits… Three days later, you’re cursing your computer screens because of all the money you missed out on…

You close out your trade for a loss… three days later, that disappointment – even anger- you felt over the money you lost quickly turns to happiness…

In the first scenario, you made money and ended up angry, while in the second, you lost money and ended up very happy.

That’s because in either case, you made two very big – and all too common – mistakes…

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One Lesson Every Trader Can Learn from the NBA Finals

Four nights ago, you witnessed history.

And in case you didn’t, here’s what happened…

The Cleveland Cavaliers were down three games. Now, in the history of the NBA, no team has ever come back from a deficit of three to win the championship series.

But on Sunday night, they beat the odds and became the first team in history to accomplish that feat and have been celebrating ever since.

Now you may be wondering what the heck the NBA finals have to do with you – and your money.

And the answer is…


Here’s why…

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How to Avoid the Market’s Most Dangerous Game

At the beginning of the year, we talked about a strategy that is used to sell stock without actually owning the shares first.

And as you’ll recall, I said that I’d never  recommend this strategy to anyone. And I’d never use it myself, either.

But you’ve been asking a lot of questions recently about how dangerous this method of capturing gains really is – especially if it’s only used in the short term.

And I know that you’ve even seen articles from financial “gurus” who’ve not only attempted to refute all of the risks involved – but who’ve also promoted it.

So before you consider doing this…

I’m going to show you a much better way to lock in the same types of profits – without all of that risk.

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The One Thing No One Is Saying About Brexit Right Now

You may have gotten a lot of articles in your inbox lately about Brexit and what it could mean for you.

What we already know is that June 23rd is the date in which Britain holds its referendum (or votes) to either stay in the European Union (EU) or not.

We also know that there seems to be about an even 50/50 split between those wanting to remain in the EU and those who don’t.

But there’s one thing we don’t know yet…

And that’s how us traders can make money off of Brexit – right now.

So I’m going to show you…

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Make More Money by Checking This Every Morning

Today we need to talk about an extremely important – and commonly misunderstood -number in the options market.

Not only can it tell you when a trend is forming or unwinding…

It could also help you navigate your open positions.

It’s so important, in fact, that it should be checked daily because it can also help get you in and out of your trades faster.

And it’s incredibly easy to use…

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The Fastest-Growing Moneymaker in the World

According to the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), the average daily options volume was 6,470 in 1973, the year in which listed, exchange-traded options first launched. Since then, the average daily options volume has increased to 16,443,005 – 2,500 times more than it was over 40 years ago.

And since weekly options started trading, they’ve become the most widely traded of any options class – averaging 25% of any option on the S&P 500.

There’s a reason for this… seven, actually.

The first one alone could double your money this week.

Take a look at all seven…

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The Best “9 – Letter” Way to Prepare for Bad Market News

The U.S. jobs report is out for May, and you know that the news isn’t too great…

The unemployment number fell dropped to 4.7%, but only 38,000 jobs were added – the lowest number in nearly six years.

As you might suspect, we’re likely going to a bit of uncertainty in the markets – especially as we wait to find out whether or not the Fed will still raise interest rates.

The good news is…

As traders, we can prepare ourselves for any market reaction – good and bad.

And the way to do it is shockingly easy…

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Be in Two Places at Once Today (and Still Make a Killing)

You know by now that timing is everything.

The problem is…

Most traders feel like they have to sit in front of their computers all day to nail their perfect entries and exits.

But I’m sure you’ve got MUCH better things to do with your time besides staring at stock prices and charts all day – especially as we head into these hot, summer months.

And although computerized trading systems can work for some people, this type of trading doesn’t necessarily give you the full picture – and it doesn’t work for everyone.

Fortunately… you can watch your trades and spend your well-deserved time at the beach – without even looking at your computer.

And it all boils down to these three little orders…

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The Crucial “Timing Tip” You Should Know Before the Market Opens on Tuesday

Trading is a timing game.

And when it comes to options in particular, timing is absolutely critical.

Now you may have heard that options are fixed-time investments that expire on a specific date.

While that is true, that “fixed time” feature doesn’t have to work against you.

In fact, it can give you the flexibility to focus your trade the way you want – a flexibility you don’t have with a straight long or short equity position.

But you need to know how to handle this “fixed time” aspect, as it can make the difference between pocketing a small 15% gain and a gigantic 300% winner.

Don’t worry…

I’m going help you get this all down pat right now.

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This Low-Cost “Summer Play” Could Pay for Your Vacation

“Only the pros can trade options.”

This is probably the most common delusion about options that’s out there, aside from options being too risky.

But quite the contrary…

Every day, more and more people use options as their trading or investing method. Whether it’s to protect a portfolio of stocks or to take a small, leveraged position to control a larger quantity of stock, options are a great way to profit off any market condition.

Say, for example, that you’re a long-term investor who’s concerned about the safety of your portfolio. You can use options as insurance to help minimize the risk of a correction in the markets.

Likewise, say you want to get in on a hot new tech stock but don’t want to put a lot of capital into a position. Options trading could be the perfect answer for you.

Now last week, we talked about a strategy you can use to start generating income on a monthly basis. But this required you to own the stock in question – something you may not want to do.

So today, I’m going to show another easy way to make money without needing to own the stock first.

And this powerful play could help you squeeze time for cash… and set you up for endless profit potential.

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