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On December 6, You Could Be the First to Join a Trading Revolution

In 2016, I unveiled an unprecedented moneymaking pattern with the potential to double your money in four days or less, week after week.

In 2017, my readers scored 59 triple-digit winners and walked away with some major profits in their pockets…

And now, on December 6, I’m releasing a breakthrough that has been nine years in the making. And it’s going to flip the trading world upside down.

Here’s how you can be a part of the revolution

This Group of Readers Made 164% During the “October Effect” – Here’s How

As we all know, October has been a month filled with volatility…

And the markets have been on a steady decline, with the Dow alone opening nearly 500 points down on Tuesday.

Now, much of this week’s downtrend is stemming from continued investor uncertainty about Saudi Arabia on top of a couple of underwhelming earnings reports and the embattled stock market in China.

Regardless of what’s to blame though, October has been a tough month to trade through for most.

But with the power of my Money Calendar we still managed to take profits in even the worst market climates.

Here’s an example of what I mean

The One and Only Way to Turn A Profit in October

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say 2018 has be a year filled with volatility.

And it seems like it’s not stopping anytime soon. Especially since yesterday the FED raised the interest rates – once again.

On top of this, October is notoriously known to be one of the worst months for the market.

So, I get it when I see many stepping away from the markets altogether.

But the problem is, those investors don’t even realize the kind of profits they’re skipping out on.

Like, for instance, a select group of readers who scored ten winner in one week

And here’s how they did it – and how you can too

The Only Way You Can Score 635% Total Gains Next Week

September and October are notoriously known as the worst months for the market…

When you pair that with the ongoing developments coming out of Washington – being an average investor in the stock market is tough…

But not for these guys.

You see, this select group scored over a 635.38% gains this week alone.

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how they did it – and how you can too

The Only Way to Profit off the U.S. Dollar Right Now

The U.S. dollar just fell for the sixth day in a row, thanks to all the recent developments out of Washington. And of course – President Trump’s ongoing feud with the Fed helps fuel the fire as well…

While this may leave many investors spooked – you don’t have to let this uncertain future affect your trading game.

You can score big on the dollar – right now.

And it’s as easy as this….

Make a Year’s Worth of Cash in 30 Days – on the Market’s Slowest Players

Right now, investors are worried about the next round of tariffs coming in the escalating trade war between the United States and China (among other countries).

But something even bigger is about to happen… something that could have an immediate – and direct – impact on your bank account: rising interest rates.

Now the Fed already increased rates by one-quarter percentage point back on June 13, and they’re promising two more by December 31.

And despite President Trump’s dissatisfaction with rising interest rates, the chances of this happening are better than ever, thanks to a strong economy and record-low unemployment rate.

That means you could soon be paying more on everything from your mortgage and credit card payments to the equities in your portfolio.

But there’s one corner of the market right now that no one else is even looking at – and it could hand you some serious cash

The Only Thing They’re Not Saying About TSLA’s Earnings

Whether it be Elon Musk and his daily Twitter tantrums or the production numbers surrounding the Model 3 – Tesla (TSLA) knows how to get its name out in the media.

But after last night, the only thing they’re talking about is the latest earnings report. 

The problem is: They’re missing the bigger picture – and it’s the only way to capture profits on this shocking earnings report.

So here’s what they’re missing