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Our 100% Loophole Trade Was Easy

By now you know that my goal with certain, specific trading methods is to get a 100% return on investment (ROI) with virtually every trade opportunity.

With trading tools and rules I use, I look at the vast array of options available to me so that I can find the ones that show a possible 100% return (or a “doubler”).

And I like to know if it’s possible to double BEFORE I spend my first dollar on a trade.

I like to keep my trades as simple as possible, but sometimes that means I’m looking for an opening others just don’t see.

So rather than give up on a trade I think has great potential, I’ll work a little magic… and in the case of a recent Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN) trade, it led me to an easy 110% return.

Let’s take a look at my way to make a profitable trade when others see nothing…

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Our Next Options Trading Tactic

The first options trading tactic I taught you as part of our case study method was the straight option strategy of buying a call option, aka the Long Call on Game Stock Corp.

Since the trade generated a 63% return, I’d say we’re off to a flying start!

But I promised you not only winners, but continued lessons on how to power returns using my The Money Calendar program.

So let’s continue with the “Learn to Earn” process but this time with a little twist… one that was worth a money “doubler” with just a $500 entry price.

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