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Avoid Another “Christmas Eve Massacre” with These Hot Stocks

Leftovers are in the freezer, shopping deals are over, and the relatives have packed up and gone home – Thanksgiving weekend is officially over. December is here.

The final month of the year tends to evoke a lot of worries from market bears. You see, we still have a lot on the table…

Trade war disputes, global issues, the short holiday season – not to mention last December, which was one of the worst since the Great Depression. It’s safe to say that the market is heading into the end of 2019 with fear.

But we don’t need to be scared of the unknown. Because today, I’m using a proven market predictor to show you exactly what to expect as the year comes to a close.

Here are the hottest and coldest stocks you’ll see this December – and how to play them

The Seven Best Stocks to Trade This Holiday Season

It seems like I just took down my Christmas tree from last year, but the holidays are already upon us once again.

Frank Sinatra said it well in “The Christmas Waltz…”

“It’s that time of year when the world falls in love. Every song you hear seems to say, ‘Buy Google!'”

Okay, okay, I know those aren’t the real words. But with the holidays come some great trading opportunities…

And today, I’m going to show you seven of them!

Each of these stocks has 100% historical accuracy. That means that if history repeats, which it tends to do, these trades will drop profits into your pockets for the holidays.

Here are seven ways to make some cash back from the holiday season

Enter the Holiday Season a Step Ahead of Everyone Else – Here’s How

Next week marks the official start to the holiday season – Thanksgiving.

But this time means more than just roasting the perfect turkey and finding the best shopping deals…

You see, the markets are about to make a serious shift. And today, I’m going to show you exactly what that shift is.

That way, you’ll enter the holiday season a step ahead of everyone else…

And ready to load up that holiday budget.

Here’s what you can expect this holiday season

Big Reveal: The Trading Pattern That Handed This Man Millions

Editor’s Note: Andrew Keene’s story is one for the records. From near broke to multi-millionaire in less than two years – that is the true dream. So today, I’ve asked him to tell us a bit more about he made it happen. Here’s Andrew…

Hey Traders.

Andrew Keene here. On Tuesday, I told you about my backstory and how trading changed my life.

But today, it’s all about you. I want to tell you exactly how you can experience the same life transformation I did.

I want you to remember this…

1 hour a day…4 days a week…50X.

This simple formula could exponentially grow your net worth and transform your life in ways you won’t believe

No One’s Talking About This Major Market Mover – It Hits on November 29

As we enter the first week of November, everyone is talking about one thing…

The 2020 presidential election.

We’re about a year away from the election, and right now, it’s everywhere. Any time you turn on the television or log onto your computer, the financial news networks are going on and on about the news coming out of Washington.

But while the talking heads are busy worrying about getting enough clicks to up their ad revenue, there’s one thing that they aren’t talking about…

We may be a year away from the election, but we’re only one month away from a season that will undeniably have an effect on the market – and your wallet.

That’s why today, I want to talk to you about exactly what’s coming… and how you can prevent it from taking any money out of your pocket.

This market mover hits on November 29 – here’s how to prepare

The “No-Brainer” Way to Play the World’s Most Precious Commodity

Over the weekend, a series of drone raids in Saudi Arabia ravaged the world’s biggest crude processing facility.

And now, naturally, everyone is talking about oil.

Oil is a part of everyday life for the planet. We all use it in some form or another, and there is perhaps no global commodity in higher demand – demand that will only increase over time.

Oil is that “black gold, Texas tea.” Recognize that tune? As Jed from The Beverly Hillbillies discovered, oil has brought riches to many.

And it can bring riches to you, too.

Prices are extremely volatile. Just think about how often the price of filling your tank changes.

This spells some serious profit opportunity for traders. If you understand the forces that drive this volatility, then oil can put money in your pocket in no time.

Here’s everything you need to know right now

How to Discover September’s Most Hidden Profit Opportunities

Historically, September is the worst month for stocks.

The market tends to plummet during this month, and a lot of investors stay on the sidelines to avoid losing money.

But as you know, we never want to sit out when there are profit opportunities at play.

That’s where the Money Calendar comes in. With it, you can see exactly where the bullish and bearish profit plays are hiding this month.

To see a clear break down of September’s profitable plays, click here to watch my latest video and sign up for all of my future Fast Profits recommendations. That way, you’ll ensure you never miss out on these fast cash opportunities ever again.

Three Rising Industries Amidst the Market’s Nosedive

I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend because the markets are getting hit full force today.

Over the past few days, the long-awaited – or should I say long-dreaded – U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports came into official effect. And the markets responded…

All three major indexes opened in the red. And the sharp dive is just continuing as the day goes on.

But while the trade war has been investors’ main focus as of late, it’s not the only thing to pay attention to…

When looking at market moves, you can’t use tunnel vision. There’s more going on than meets the eye.

In fact, as the broader market drops, these three industries are climbing

Play Labor Day’s Best-Performing Industry for Big Holiday Profits

Labor Day is intended to honor the American labor movement, but in my opinion, it’s always meant a lot more than that…

Summer is ending. Kids are going back to school. It’s the last vacation day until Thanksgiving.

But that’s not all – it’s also a big market-moving weekend.

At this time of year, conditions for the consumer are ideal. Human buying patterns and profits are driven into U.S. companies, making Labor Day the perfect time to trade.

And there’s one major industry that’s poised to deliver some massive profits this holiday weekend…

Here’s everything you need to know…