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Exactly What to Expect in the Market After Labor Day Weekend

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We’ve seen huge swings of volatility in the market the past couple of weeks. Investors have lost a ton of money, and it’s all because they have no idea what to expect.

But we have something those investors don’t…

As rules-based traders, we can look back at historical data to see exactly how the market has performed over specific periods of time.

In an erratic market like the one we’re seeing now, it’s the best way to predict what’s coming next.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.

Labor Day is coming up, and we’re looking at how the market has performed after the holiday weekend.

Here’s what to expect…

This Asset Is the Key to Padding Your Wallet Before Labor Day

The markets have been in a full-blown whirlwind the past few weeks.

First, a tariff tweet from President Trump reignited the U.S.-China trade war. Then, the yield curve inverted between 10-year and 2-year bonds for the first time in a decade, warning a potential recession to come.

The financial news networks were running headlines left and right about the failing U.S. economy, claiming that “A U.S. Recession Is Coming.” And investors were running around like chickens with their heads caught off, moving their money out of fear and causing the Dow to drop 800 points in one day.

But now, less than a week later, things have changed. The White House eased recession fears, and the People’s Bank of China made its own version of a rate cut. After one of the worst weeks for stocks all year, the Dow closed about 250 points higher on Monday.

In times of turmoil like this, I have one vital rule – Never trade on headlines.

In fact, that’s exactly what I talked about in my recent Boot Camp video called “Stop Playing by Wall Street’s Game.” If you missed it, you need to go here.

Now, the news changes every day. That’s something we’ve seen firsthand these past few weeks. It’s important to look at reliable patterns, not random headlines, in order to formulate a trading plan.

And I’m going to show you one of those patterns today. There’s one asset that looks poised to rise for the remainder of the summer, and if you play it right, you could cash out before Labor Day.

Here’s how

Here’s Your Chance to Cash In On The Market’s Biggest Bull

After a volatile May, where we saw 600 point swings in one day – you’ve seen the triumphant return of the bulls to the market over the past couple weeks.

But even with this bull rally, there’s risk around every corner.

In fact, if you don’t play your cards right, you could find wallet in a world of hurt.

And that’s why today, I want to talk to you about cashing in on one of the market’s biggest bulls without going broke in the process.

Here’s what I mean

The One Stock the Bears Are Chasing Down Right Now

There’s no doubt that we were facing more uncertainty as we headed into June.

After all, it was only last month when the talking heads on the financial news networks were going on and on about China, Iran, and political risks out of Washington that were all dragging the market down quite a bit.

But now, a lot of investors are surprised. After the most volatile month of the year, all three major indices have opened and closed higher every day so far in the month of June. So it seems like the bulls are returning…

Except for one major stock.

Now, this is one of the most popular stocks out there – but the bulls are refusing to touch it.

Here’s why

Score Big Each Time the Market Closes with This Holiday Trading Strategy

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The market is closed this coming Monday for Memorial Day – but that doesn’t mean you need to take the day off from making money.

There’s actually a way to profit off the market’s closure. A lot of traders do it… but I take it another step forward.

We’re rules-based traders, so we don’t just want to use a strategy because other people say it works. Instead, it’s important to go back and look at the results yourself. This way, you can be absolutely sure a strategy will work – and put money in your pocket.

That’s exactly what we’re doing today for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. And what I found could mean big things for your wallet.

Here’s what I mean

How to Play Earnings Season’s Most Volatile Stocks for Through-the-Roof Profits

Earnings season is one of the most volatile times of the year for the stock market…

And this week, we’re officially in the thick of first quarter reports.

Now last week, I showed you how to play stocks that continuously beat or missed their earnings expectations. But a company’s share price tends to move the most the week before and the week after its earnings report…

And the key to playing these volatile price moves lies in one thing: the pattern.

So today, I’m going to show you how to pinpoint stocks whose share prices run consistently in the same direction during earnings season.

These stocks move the most on earnings every quarter…so click here to learn how to play the pattern for the best possible profits every time…

The Only Earnings Season Game Plan You Need This Year

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Dear Power Profit Traders,

Earnings season is officially underway.

While this time of year can bring some volatility to the market – the worst thing you could do is get caught up in it.

And while it may be easy just to jump into your next trade – there’s a better way to play these next few months.

Because here at Power Profit Trades, we know nothing can rob your pockets faster than poor planning when it comes to trading

That’s why we stick to time-tested patterns to help us score big.

And earnings season is no different – here’s what I mean

The Most Important Thing to Know About Oil by Tomorrow

We are officially in the last week of February…

But the end of this month happens to be one of my favorite times of the year, thanks to a lucrative pattern that has outperformed the market for 13 times out of the last 16 years…

And the best part? This explosive pattern costs $500 or less to get in on – and offers unlimited profits with limited risk.

So, here’s all the details you need to know

These Six Trades Could Double Your Money by April 1

Trading these days is so much easier than it was a few decades ago…

And this is all thanks to the computer software that has progressed to a point where we can identify “needles in the haystack” in a matter of seconds.

And these tools are critical to finding success when trading in today’s market…

But with all the programs floating around out there – it can be tough to identify which program best suits your needs.

It doesn’t have to be though…

That’s why today, I’m showing you exactly how I found six new bullish opportunities that will double your money – with less than a 10% move in the stock.

Here’s what you need to know