Part 6: Prepare for Fast Profits

Complete the actions to take below. You can follow along with my video by clicking “Read Cash Course: Part 6”.

Action to Take

Sit back and prepare for profits.

We’ve accomplished a lot since Part 1 of my Cash Course.  

And in one final step, you’ll have everything you need to start pocketing the kind of cash that will pay off those debts, send your kid to a nice college, buy that dream home, or go on that vacation you’ve always wanted…

The kind of cash that will give you peace of mind and financial freedom, whether a new trade war ignites, we fall into a recession, or Washington crumbles.

And since I’m giving you free access to my Cash Course, I want to make sure you’ve got the tools you need to pave your own path to complete financial freedom.

That’s why RIGHT NOW, we’re going to run through a checklist of everything you should’ve completed at this point in my Cash Course

  • Opened your options trading account (or gotten your existing account ready to trade)
  • Gotten your options clearance
  • Downloaded your broker’s app – which is important so you can easily get in and get out of your trades
  • Completed the Action to Take at the top of each part of my Cash Course

When you’re done, I’ll show you exactly how to double your money on the world’s most expensive stocks in Part 7.

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Q. What famous rule can help you on your way to complete financial freedom?

A. What goes up must come down
B. Keep it simple
C. Treat those as you prefer to be treated

Q. Which of the following do you need absolutely need to place your first options trade

A. Contingency plan
B. SEC approval
C. Account clearance

Q. Where do you need to go to share your trading success with fellow club members

A. LinkedIn
B. Fast Fortune Network
C. Snap Chat

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