My Focus is “Doubling Your Money” on Every Trade

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  1. I’ve following you since optionetics! Been away for awhile, so I need to come up to speed, again.
    This advancement in platform trading software is awesome. Looking forward to following your lead.

  2. Louise Amrhein

    I am looking to supplement my income, and be able to profit from these trades, and techniques. I have received your mail, but waited so long, to listen, and watch your techniques, and expertise, to finally act upon it now, after so many emails in my inbox, totaling 100, 000. emails, I am very appreciative that I was able to spend the time to read and listen to your email, and excellent educational material. God Bless all you do to help others, that really would like to trust in someone with integrity and compassion to offer this opportunity for someone like me! Talk to you soon! 🙂 🙂

  3. Dr. Chito Flores

    Tom, I LOVE the fact that you recommend a specific entry date and and specific option number and then, a very
    specific date to exit the option position. It makes it easy even for your readers who are less knowledgeable in option trades. More power to you! From Dr. Chito Flores

  4. 071715 Am reading your comments etc. but now I need your choice as to getting set up with your BROKER –someone who Need your Broker who knows your trading (before I can get started with you, Tom. Thanks. Alan. Thanks a lot. Have a good weekend.

  5. Tom, can’t get started here without a Broker. Yours only makes sense since there are hundreds out here. I know you don’t like to give one but how do we get started without a logical one?

  6. Robert Tannery

    PLCN will be my first ever Options play ever on my Fidelity Pro trader platform. Please show me in detail how I make this trade. I am very excited about your Money Calender and your expertise on Options. I have always bought & sold regular stocks for 16 years. I’m ready to learn options with you!

    Thank You,
    Robert Tannery

  7. Dr. Albert Teitlebaum

    Mr. Gentile
    I am trying to understand what happened with the PCLN spread trade.
    I went with 12 Contracts.
    On July 24 I bought 1300 at 17.0275 and sold 1310 at 14.60, for a spread of 2.4275, under 4 as required.
    On Aug 6, as instructed, I sold 1300 at 76.70 and bought 1310 at 73.90, for a spread of 2.80.
    What happened? I thought the spread at the end was supposed to be double the spread at the beginning. Instead it was virtually identical to the spread at the beginning!
    True, the price of the underlying went wild on the final day, but the spread should have maintained.
    What am I to learn about this type of trade?
    Albert Teitlebaum

  8. Roger W Hollingsworth

    I am slowly gaining knowledge in option trading thanks to your teaching. You re a good teacher. A question, if you will. When should I order the close to a trade, at the same time as the open or wait until a day or 2 before expiration?Thanks for helping us!!!!Rog

  9. I am hesitant to take on this offer because such service doesn’t work for me if entry indications are sent out after the market opens. I am not a day trader, and it turns out if I enter positions a day later, I will mostly catch those which are likely not to materialize.

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