How to Play Apple This Quarter

When it comes to the financial press, I tend to hit the mute button… until I catch a headline about a stock or sector that’s actually worth my time.

So yesterday, I turned the volume up when the pundits started talking about Apple, Inc. (AAPL) and the recent leaks about its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8.

Inevitably, the “topic du jour” is now the stock and whether its run in the stock market is over – or revving up to climb even higher this year.

But the numbers don’t lie – and here’s what they’re predicting…

Why You Shouldn’t Short Health Care Stocks Ahead of Trump’s Inauguration

Since last month, investors and traders have “doubled their bets” on falling health care stock prices after Trump takes office. In the last week of December alone, short interest on the sector rose by nearly $2 billion.

Now this is largely because of Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare – and the steps his incoming administration have already taken.

But I’m going to show you why selling off your health care holdings right now isn’t such a good idea…

And a much better way to profit.

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