I “SPY” a New Trading Pattern

Last week we talked about the anticipated Summer Rally that I’ve identified based on background information on the last 10 years of data between Memorial Day and July 4th.

As I mentioned, over the past years as we pushed through Memorial Day into mid-July, the US stock market got a nice little “lift.”

The reasons are varied, but generally this is because there is very little in the way of corporate earnings releases, and very few surprises coming out of Washington. And no news out of DC is great news for Wall Street.

I want to bring you up to date on what’s happened since last week, and give you the “skinny” on an “inside pattern” that delivered a juicy 63% return…

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This is What I Consider a JOY-ous Return on Investment

When you see the ticker JOY, do you think of the Holiday Season? Do you hear the song Joy to the World?

Well, we know it is definitely not the holidays, but our recent trade on Joy Global, Inc., (NYSE:JOY) did produce a nice gift.

JOY is a manufacturer and servicer of mining equipment in the extraction industries: better known as minerals and ores.

To some, it’s a bit of an unloved and scary investment sector, given the ups and downs in the prices of these commodities, particularly coal and copper.

But as I’ve said before, I’m not really concerned over the movement of whole sectors; what we’re focused on are the moves our Power Profit Trades stock picks make over a historical 10-year period.

In today’s case, you’ll see exactly why it’s the stock-price patterns that matter the most, and yield the best returns possible… in the form of a 50+% return on investment.

Let’s get started…

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