The New Way to Exploit “Old Faithful”

You remember gold, right?

Now we’re obviously long past the days where you could walk into a hotel, throw down a coin, and get a room, drink, meal, and hot bath.

And today, no one walks around with bullion in their pockets. Gold isn’t considered a “currency” anymore. It’s something you store in your lock box in case of a zombie apocalypse.

But while it seems pretty logical and reasonable to store it away until doomsday arrives…

There’s actually a much faster way to get some mileage out of your gold hoard.

So forget the mattress and the floorboards.

Here’s something much better to do with your gold…

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No Matter What’s Next, These Can Save You from Brexit

The markets have a habit of climbing the wall of worry.

We saw this very clearly on Friday when the markets spiraled deep into the red, with the Dow trading down by over 600 points.

And we continued to see the after-effects throughout the day on Monday.

But investors’ shell-shock seems to be wearing off a bit. The markets gapped up yesterday, with the DJIA closing 270 points higher.

Even so…

Uncertainty still lingers over what will happen
next… and if this gradual “bounce back” is here to stay.

Now I showed you a way to play Brexit before Britain even voted…

And today, I’m going to show you what your next steps should be from here… no matter what happens.

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