This One Chart Can Get You in Your Trades Ahead of the Trend

Timing is everything, especially in options trading.

When you’re trying to get into a trade, a few minutes can be the difference between getting in at the price you want and your targeted options getting away from you completely.

And when you’re already in a trade, those same few minutes can also be the difference between banking 100% profits and watching your options reverse course and turn against you.

Today, I’m going to show you an indicator that will let you get in and out of your options trades before the rest of the investing herd.

Here’s what I mean…

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How to Cash in on a Breakout (or Breakdown)

As I showed you last week, stocks (and other underlying securities) can often trade between support and resistance for sustained periods of time. When this happens, the underlying is said to be in a channel. Channels are helpful tools for traders because they allow you to predict how a stock will behave, and pick your options accordingly.

While channels can and do last for weeks and months at a time, all stocks, ETFs, futures, and commodities will eventually break out of a given channel.

But how do you know when an underlying is about to break out?

And – more importantly – how can you profit?

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