Why Your Biggest Payout Could Arrive At Expiration… and Not Before

It’s easy to worry about when to exercise your trades.

Especially when you’re new to options.

If you exit your position too early, you could miss out on huge profits.

But if you wait too long, and the stock ends up in-the-money…

Then there’s a chance that the options will be exercised, and you’ll be assigned the shares.

The key is knowing when to make your move.

And while, normally, I’m happy to take a double on my trades right away…

There are times when it pays to wait all the way until expiration.

Let me show you the perfect example:

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The One Stop They Can’t Eliminate Could Protect Your Portfolio the Most

The most basic principle of making money is not losing it.

If there’s no way around that – then don’t lose more than you make.

Now this may sound easy to do… but it isn’t.

Sometimes trading can feel like a bet that’s gone horribly wrong.

You put your money on the table, and the market takes it, having no intention of ever giving it back.

But there’s one thing you should know that will set you apart from the trader who loses it all …

How to utilize a “stop.”

And I’m not talking about the one that the New York Stock Exchange is eliminating…

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