“Maverick Stocks” for a Turbulent Market

In a market where volatility reigns, you pretty much have to throw out ALL conventional ways of trading.

Fundamental analysis doesn’t work, unless you are really thinking long term and can accept the drawdown that is likely to occur.

Technical analysis doesn’t work because it uses lagging data that, for the most part, often points to oversold conditions.

Even long-term patterns like the “election year pattern” aren’t working (although you could argue that it might just be working when looking the incumbents’ performance over this past year).


The right question that’s on the minds of all short-term traders is…

What stocks or ETFs are working the best in today’s markets?

Let’s take a look at these mavericks today. They come in two distinct types…

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Using All “Four Legs” to Lock in Profits on Flat Markets

I’ve shown you how to use the bull put spread to dominate minor upward market moves.

And I introduced you to the bear call spread… which you can use to take advantage of smaller market downticks.

Both of these strategies are great to use when wanting to further leverage your cost of an option trade beyond buying calls or puts.

But there’s one thing we haven’t talked about yet…

How to play a flat market.

Here’s what you’ll need when the markets just won’t budge…

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