This “Rent a Stock” Case Proves Our Point

In our last issue we discussed the idea of “renting” a stock for the purpose of maximizing gains… and minimizing risks.

As promised, today we’re going to go through a case study that was published a few weeks ago and talk (okay, we’re going to brag… and you’ll see why soon) about its outcome.

It’s a play on renting a stock for the short term… and cashing in for the long term.

Let’s get started…

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Our First 100% Gain Comes in Just as Planned

Well we did it!  I love it when a plan comes together…

We made our first 100% together! 

Here’s how it happened…

I sent out a report to all Power Profit Trades readers titled “How to Make an Easy 100% on the Worlds Most Valuable Company“.

In the report, I showed you that during the last week of April and first week of May the average price of the Apple Corp. APPL $125 calls I recommended were trading at a price of $4, or $400 a contract.

Since then, AAPL inched its way higher and on the afternoon of Friday May 22nd, those options were trading for $8, or $800 a contract as you can see on the screen shot below:

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