These Little-Known Signals Will Tell You Exactly When to Enter or Exit Your Trades

Dear Reader,

You don’t need a degree in finance to trade options. Anyone can do this.

All that you really need to know is when to jump in and when to get out.

And it’s shockingly easy to do.

The key to making money trading options is timing. Otherwise, you might as well be gambling with your money.

Last week, I showed you how to identify the direction a stock is turning and when it will turn.

Today, I’m going to show you when to enter and exit your options trades.

As you’ll see, there are just six signals you’ll need.

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The One Lesson You Need to Time Your Trades

One of the most challenging aspects of trading is timing.

Whenever you turn on the TV, you see a different expert telling you that it’s impossible to time the market. Or you see another giving you THE fail-proof strategy for timing the market perfectly.

This leaves retail investors and traders scrambling to buy their stocks at the absolute lowest prices (the bottom) or sell their stocks at the absolute highest prices (the top).

And they usually fail.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t buy stock at the lowest price or sell it at the highest price…

But if anyone tells you he or she caught the absolute top or bottom in a stock, that person is lying to you.

So how do you know when to jump in and out of your trades?

Today’s lesson will show you exactly when to jump in or jump out of the market… when a stock is going to turn from its current high or current low point… and how to profit handsomely.

This is the best way to time your trades…

To make money trading options, you need to know when the direction of a stock price is going to turn, or pivot, and you need to understand stochastics.

This may sound challenging, but I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s get started.

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