Going for the WYNN!

For non-traders, a lot of the time conversation is just that. Conversation.

For me, conversations lead to thinking, “How do I capitalize on this information?” or “Is there potential for a winning trade based on this discussion?”

I had a conversation with some neighbor friends of mine who recently got back from a trip to Las Vegas.

My friends pointed out that “Millennials” were there, but they were not gambling. In addition, the consensus was that activity was slow across the board for all age groups.

Armed with this “inside” first-hand knowledge, I did what comes naturally: find an opportunity to double my money.

What I found was a first-class WYNNer…

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The Power of Options Plays Out in Three Days

Normally I highlight trades that should take about 30 days to find us a double.

I don’t usually – in fact, I rarely – write about trades expecting them to work faster than that 30-day horizon. However, when a trade works as quickly as the one I’m going to talk about does, I don’t want to ignore it, nor pass up on taking the money, even if it’s not at the “double” I’m normally waiting for.

And by quick I mean three trade days quick! I didn’t anticipate this trade happening so quickly, though I figured it would have to at least happen a bit quicker than normal.

This one worked in one-tenth the usual time.

So instead of waiting, I went for it, trusting in the tools I use to find these moneymaking opportunities.

There’s lesson in all of this, and it’s all about what a 70% gain can teach us about my investment methods… and our ability to generate some serious financial returns.

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