This is What I Consider a JOY-ous Return on Investment

When you see the ticker JOY, do you think of the Holiday Season? Do you hear the song Joy to the World?

Well, we know it is definitely not the holidays, but our recent trade on Joy Global, Inc., (NYSE:JOY) did produce a nice gift.

JOY is a manufacturer and servicer of mining equipment in the extraction industries: better known as minerals and ores.

To some, it’s a bit of an unloved and scary investment sector, given the ups and downs in the prices of these commodities, particularly coal and copper.

But as I’ve said before, I’m not really concerned over the movement of whole sectors; what we’re focused on are the moves our Power Profit Trades stock picks make over a historical 10-year period.

In today’s case, you’ll see exactly why it’s the stock-price patterns that matter the most, and yield the best returns possible… in the form of a 50+% return on investment.

Let’s get started…

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A First Step on the Road to Your First “Doubler”

During the past month we’ve welcomed in thousands of new subscribers to Power Profit Trades.

Many of you have started out with “paper trading” on my picks, and are excited at the prospect of pocketing the gains in real time.

Taking advantage of what veterans like me didn’t have when I started trading is a great idea! I know it’s not like real trading, but one of the things using a “virtual” account will do is help you get familiar with order placement through the platform you intend on using BEFORE you use real money.

For those of you already on “live” platforms, congratulations! You’re already enjoying gains.

They’re also working through the “how to get started” phase of investing. However, the most common question I get is “how do I open an account?”

For those of you new to Power Profit Trades, or for anyone who hasn’t traded yet because of concerns over opening a live account, let me take the fear out of what is an easy process.

Just follow my lead…

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