Our Next Trading Tactic Has “Eyes” for a Double

Today I’ve got something new…

Something I haven’t discussed with you yet.

But I want to share it because what I’ve found using my newly developed trading tactic is showing me huge gains in a surprising stock, and it’s going to pop right in time for the Fourth of July fireworks.

So with June now in full swing, let’s focus our “eyes” on it now…

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Let’s Take Profits in an Unloved Sector

Talk about waffling!

Even though oil basically meandered over the past few weeks, it still managed to notch its ninth weekly gain in a row. The underlying stories about oil prices aren’t any different than they’ve been for weeks.

The biggest story is the glut in the amount of global supply, while a secondary concern is that the net number of rigs taken offline has now exceeded those put into service for the last 23 weeks in a row…

…and some weeks, that appears to be welcome news.

My “line in the sand of support” sits at $58 a barrel. So long as it holds there I will continue to anticipate prices eventually going higher.

All of which brings me to this post-Memorial Day case study rooted in the oil patch.

You see, when I get a buy signal in one of my analysis tools or the other, that’s all well and good, but when I get a signal on a stock across multiple signals, I tend to favor these, as they have the “stacking” effect that I love.

Stacking is when you get confirmation from several technical, fundamental, or seasonal signals.

And for today’s highlighted case study, well, we got all three…

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