We’re Already Ahead 65%… Here’s What to Do

At the beginning of May I released the report “How to Make an Easy 100% Return in 27 Days on the World’s Most Valuable Company“.

The report featured my analysis on Apple Corp. (Nasdaq:AAPL) trade based on my proprietary tools for spotting profitable stock patterns that can provide us with big returns on even the smallest stock-price moves.

This information is part of my Power Profit Trades service. Today I want to bring you up to date on this trade as we come into its last week…

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Putting an Options Lesson to Work

Today I am going to take what we learned last time and turn it into a Long Put trading case study to show you exactly how you how to make money with the strategy.

It always feels counter-intuitive to think this way… making money while stock prices go down… but with our program in place and our total confidence in the ability to use options, we’re ahead of those confined to simple buy and hold moves.

Let’s get started with a cool t-shirt idea I’ve got, a slogan that tells everyone out there “I’m about to make some serious money.”

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