The Only Time Dividends Can Hurt You

We all know why everyone loves dividends.

After all, you’re “getting paid” for doing nothing more than buying shares of a company. You’re not actually hauling products to their stores and stocking their shelves. And it’s not like you’re making the decisions on how to run to run that company, either.

So that’s a pretty sweet deal for investors.

But not for options traders.

In fact, dividends could be your worst nightmare when you’ve got options in your portfolio…

Unless you know this little trick…

What “the FANGs” Predict is Next for Tech Stocks

Two weeks ago, the technology sector experienced its first significant one-day selloff – and the financial news networks went crazy. Some of the so-called financial experts even said it’s time to get rid of all tech stocks in your portfolio.

But on Tuesday, the sector rallied more than 1%, driving the Dow and S&P 500 to new record highs. And this time, all of those “experts” were saying it’s now the perfect opportunity to buy tech stocks.

Now these are the type of contradictions in the financial press that can be both confusing – and detrimental – to your portfolio.

So forget their media chatter and speculation…

Here’s what the leaders of the pack – “the FANGs” – are predicting…

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