Your Fourth of July Market Forecast

We all know that 2018 has come with a lot of volatility. And last week, we saw one of the worst weeks the market has had in a while.

Also, It doesn’t help that every so-called financial expert has a different opinion about what will happen next, what you should do, and where you should put your money. And the worst part is, they don’t even care about your bottom dollar at the end of the day – they care about their ratings.

The thing is though, all that noise won’t bring you profits…

But this will…

The One Thing to Know to Find Success At Monday’s Opening Bell

I think it’s safe to say we’ve had an interesting ride in the stock market this week, with the Dow down nearly 500 points on Monday and up about 100 points on Thursday.

As you can imagine, that’s made it a bit harder for the average investor to figure out exactly what to do with his or her portfolio.

Bu as a Power Profit Trader, you’re not average – far from, in fact.

And while everyone else is getting caught up in the frenzy, you’ve got a special opportunity to identify trends forming (and ending) in the market and lock in huge profits.

Allow me to explain…

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