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I’m going to be blunt here – flipping stocks is the best way to make money in the market.

Really, it’s just like making money off of a house that you already own – but in the case of flipping stocks, you’re making money off of a stock you already own.

There’s just one issue – owning a stock can cost hundreds of dollars a share, and that’s a price I’m just not willing to risk.

But there’s one strategy no one else knows about that greatly reduces the cost – and allows you to rake in through-the-roof gains every single month.

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Profit Off the Dow’s 450-Point Price Drop with This Little-Known Strategy

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The markets took a major drop on Monday morning when President Trump decided to move forward with increasing tariffs on China. On the news, the Dow Jones dropped 450 points at the open – and this morning isn’t looking much better…

As I’m writing, all major indices are in the red yet again – with the Dow another 200 points lower.

And now, investors are entering panic-mode, moving money around and selling shares out of fear of an all-out trade war.

But here’s the thing – the market may be dropping, but it’s moving. And when the market is moving, there’s always a chance to make money.

So today, I’m going to show you a unique strategy that can rake in some serious profits.

In fact, this is the single best way to outplay the market’s drastic downturn

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