The Safest Way to Make Money After the Market’s Worst Day of the Year

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Monday, August 5 saw the worst day for stocks of the entire year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost a record 737 points in just one day, and the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX) hit an all-time high.

Just last week, all three major indexes were hitting new highs. It only took four days – and one tariff tweet – for the markets to crash and burn yet again. And investors everywhere are in a full-blown panic.

But that doesn’t have to be you. If you do the opposite of the herd, then you can find relief in this market.

This is the safest place to put your money when volatility is running rampant…

What the Fed’s Rate Cut Really Means for Your Money

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Understanding basic economics can lead to huge profits in the markets.

At the same time, not understanding them can lead to huge losses.

You see, the Federal Reserve announced this week that they would lower interest rates. And not knowing how this rate cut will move the market could lead to some serious financial damage…

But understanding what it means for you and your trading could lead to huge profits.

This is how you can profit off of this week’s Fed announcement…

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