Two Lucrative Ways to Play the Amazon – Whole Foods Buyout Today

By now you’ve heard that (AMZN) purchased Whole Food’s Market, Inc. (WFM) for $42 per share. That’s $13.7 billion!

This is the largest acquisition in AMZN’s history. And all the media heads right now are trying to figure out what exactly this means for the company – and the future of grocery stores altogether.

But while they’re sorting that out, I want to talk to you about something much more important – how to cash in on this historical deal.

And these are the best two ways to do it…

How to “Get a Cut” from Carl Icahn’s Big Auto Bet

The media heads over at the financial news networks have been talking a lot this week about billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, and how he missed out on $4 billion from selling his Netflix (NFLX) shares two years ago.

What they’re not talking about is the huge bet he recently made…

You see, Icahn is betting big on auto repair shops. In fact he’s planning on acquiring thousands of them.

But whether he’s right or wrong, you can still get a “cut.”

Here’s how…

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