Four Fast-Profit Strategies to Play an Uncertain Market

There’s an old adage that says “the market hates uncertainty.” Well, let’s see…

We’ve got a worsening global pandemic with no proven treatment or vaccine, record levels of unemployment in the U.S., and now widespread civil unrest.

And how did the market react? It rose over 47% from the March 23 lows.

Clearly, the market is not acting rationally. And that’s because the market is not a rational thing.

The massive amount of stimulus money being pumped into the economy, combined with optimism for a post-coronavirus recovery, has the market back within striking distance of all-time highs.

It’s times like these – with the economy and the market so obviously heading in different directions – when traders and investors can be tempted to take their profits and head for the sidelines.

But that’s exactly the opposite of what you should be doing.

In an unpredictable market like this, the profit opportunity is there – you just need to be able to jump on it fast, before stocks change direction yet again.

And these four lightning-fast strategies are the quickest way to turn a profit right now…

Vegas Stocks Are Soaring – But This One Could Crash Again

Las Vegas is a different place than it was just a couple of months ago.

You used to crowd into a casino, drink in hand, shoulder to shoulder with your blackjack opponent.

Now, there are only three people to a table – and glass partitions separate you from the rest of the table.

So, sure, one of the country’s top tourist destinations has reopened. But your go-to hotels, casinos, and resorts may not be the same profit hot-spots they used to be – unlike this tiny startup, which could see revenue surge 9,000%.

Before you rush back into the market, check out today’s video.
One popular stock may be on the brink of another disaster…

Invest in These Four Sectors as the U.S. Reopens

For the past three months, there have been over 329,000,000 Americans under stay-at-home orders.

Three months of Zoom calls with family and friends. Three months of trying to find the directions to board games you haven’t opened since 2007 after exhausting all other forms of entertainment in the house. Three months of total social distancing.

At the beginning of May, there was talk of places beginning to reopen – meaning you can sit down at restaurants, go to shopping centers, and participate in outdoor activities. Now, we’re in June and many regions have reached this phase.

It’s a breath of fresh air (or whatever kind of air you can get through your hand-sewn mask) – and stocks are taking a deep breath.

The S&P 500 is trading over 3,000 points for the first time since the March 5 crash.

Although the economy is beginning to pick back up and people are starting to go back to work, there’s a chance this won’t last long…

The CDC is calling for a second wave of COVID-19 to hit during the winter – a mere five months away.

This could mean more businesses closing, more stay-at-home orders, and trouble for the stock market.

That’s why now is the time to get into these profitable plays. And I have narrowed down the top sectors for the highest return.

Here are the best four sectors to play right now – before it’s too late

Use This Patent-Pending Market Predictor to See What June Has in Store

Today, I’m going to show you the most accurate market predictor I’ve ever used.

Just listen to this old adage…

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

The proprietary tool I’m going to show you today does exactly that – analyzes the market’s behavior over the last 10 years in order to predict where it will go next.

You might think you know where June will go. Businesses are reopening, profits are going back up…

But it’s not enough to look at the surface.

Here’s where the market is likely headed this month – according to my top patent-pending predictor…

The Real Reason the Market Is Rising Right Now

At the beginning of the month, we talked about a long-term strategy called sell in May and go away.

But as you know, we’re in unprecedented times. And many want to know if this pattern still holds true.

If you look simply on the surface, May has turned out to be the market’s best month in a while – the Dow and the S&P just hit their highest levels since March, in fact.

But today, I want to talk about more than just the numbers. We’re going to dig a little bit deeper…

Let’s talk about exactly what happened in May, what it is that’s pushing the market higher, and the market’s top 10 performers right now.

Click here to take a deep dive into May’s market performance…

Five Factors to Predict Where This “House of Cards” Market is Headed

Times are weird.

That might be the understatement of the decade, but it’s true.

I don’t remember what it’s like to eat at a restaurant. I’ve adjusted to slippers being part of my work attire. Every time I watch T.V. and I see characters open a door without a squirt of Purell afterwards, I cringe just a little.

These are unprecedented times for everybody, including us traders.

Back when COVID-19 caused the market to tank 35% back in March of this year, big companies faltered, and nobody knew what was going to happen.

After the dust settled, a new sector of “stay-at-home” stocks rose like a phoenix from the ashes. In fact, on Monday, the Dow index had its best day in over a month, soaring over 900 points before market close.

But it has everybody asking one question: Is it a good time to buy stocks?

And I have the answer for you.

(If you want to avoid stocks altogether, then check this out. These readers didn’t touch a single stock – and they had the opportunity to double their money in two weeks.)

Find out how these five specific factors can determine where the market is headed next

The Top Three Market Charts to Watch Right Now

China’s oil demand is back. Powell is “easing into easing.” And Congress is talking about a potential $3 trillion more in stimulus.

These three stories hit the market hard Monday morning, propelling the S&P 500 3% higher at the open.

Clearly, investors are feeling optimistic. But there’s more to the story than these three headlines…

See, I’m watching something a whole lot more reliable than the talking heads on the financial news networks.

Instead, I’m watching three important charts – and they’re telling me even more about what’s to come in this market.
These are the top charts you should be paying attention to…

This Generation’s “Dot-Com” Era is Here – And it’s Your Time to Profit

For the past three months in Power Profit Trader, we’ve talked about the stock market plummeting, unemployment hitting record highs, and different strategies we can use to get our portfolios stable again.

But we never really touched on how the access of information is affecting the market.

If this pandemic happened two decades ago, you would be getting the news from the daily paper that landed on the doorstep first thing in the morning, the 5 o’clock broadcast, or you waited on the dial-up internet.

I mean, this morning when I woke up, I grabbed my coffee and scrolled through my favorite sites for market updates, I read the news, checked social media – all in a span of a few minutes.

And I can rinse and repeat this all day long – 24-hour news in the palm of my hand.

I can still remember the first time I called a friend from my cell phone asking for directions back in 1988 – and that’s all it could do. It was a phone that was roughly the size and weight of a brick that just made calls (that were usually dropped, if I might add).

Just for reference, it looked a little something like this

The Safest Long-Term Play to Look at Right Now

We’ve officially entered what I like to call the “post-coronavirus recovery.”

I know, I know – stocks fell yesterday. The Dow ended the day over 100 points lower, in fact.

But since the end of March, we’ve seen four moves to the upside.

Now, these moves have been welcome changes after we saw the market crash, erasing all gains it had made for the year in just a couple of weeks.

But one indicator is telling us that the upward movement may not be here to stay.

It’s hard to make a long-term play when all signs point downward for the near future – but there’s one play that you can take right now that doesn’t involve stocks at all – and it could hand you 10 times your money.

This is one of the safest places to put your money for the long-term right now…

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