The Single Best Way to Play the Economy’s Recent GDP “Report Card”

Every quarter like clockwork, the talking heads eagerly wait for the gross domestic product (GDP) report to be released.

Now, you can think of GDP like the report card for the country’s economy’s very own “report card” in that it shows the current growth of the economy.

The first quarter GDP report was released, beating economists’ expectations by nearly a whole percent – marking 10 years of economic expansion in July.

But while many investors took this report as an A+ for the economy – the underlying numbers aren’t quite painting the same picture for the future.

And while most are falling for the report’s positive results – if you follow the herd mentality, you could find your wallet completely empty in no time.

Here’s how…

Follow this “Probability Blueprint” for More Consistent Profits in Any Market

In trading, probability of profits and potential profitability are inversely correlated.

In less scientific terms though, it means that the probability of your profits and how much profits you can make are connected more than you might think.

Higher probability trades offer lower profit potential while lower probability trades offer higher profit potential.

And while being a successful trader is about making money, in some scenarios – probability of profit is more important than how much you can make.

Here’s what you need to know

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