Trade These Two Sectors to Profit off the Power-Shift in Washington

On January 6, we experienced history when Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate after the race in Georgia came to an end.

And you know me – when the news is running, my eyes are on the stock market.

On the same day that Georgia’s results were finalized, the Dow and S&P closed on all-time highs – and two specific sectors were ahead of the crowd. Both were up roughly 5% on the day and continued to climb.

But I’m going to show you how to play those stocks… for maximum profits.

Here’s how to make money off of Washington’s power-shift…

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Without Leaving Your Stock Account

This past week, Bitcoin’s unstoppable façade was broken.

In less than seven days, the cryptocurrency market’s most famous coin has violently risen and fallen, shooting from $30,000 to $40,000 before crashing back down again to $30K.

But I have just one thing to say…

My bullish Bitcoin prediction has not changed.

Instead, these violent moves have unleashed a new buying opportunity – and not just for crypto traders.

Today, I’ll show you exactly where you’ll want to buy Bitcoin after the coin’s volatile swing. But that’s not all…

I’ll even show you how to trade cryptocurrency without buying a single coin.

You heard me right. You don’t even have to leave your stock account to cash in on crypto’s still-bullish future.

I’m revealing all in the video below

The Best Bullish and Bearish Plays of the New Year

It’s time for our first Profit Strategies Podcast of the new year.

2021’s first week gave us a lot to talk about. And it was somewhat of a reality check for those who thought New Year’s Day would bring a completely clean slate.

It’s clear that this year’s market won’t simply fly in one direction the whole time. That’s why it’s important to know how to profit no matter where the market goes.

Today’s episode is titled Democratic Bulls and Corona Bears – Profit in Both Directions This Year.

After Georgia’s Senate election, the Democrats have taken control of the Senate. And a left-controlled government has turned two sectors in particular into major bulls.

At the same time, the U.S. just reported the largest number of COVID-caused deaths yet. And the pandemic is still holding some bearish names under water.

Today, my Chief Options Strategist, Mike Wade, and I are covering the top bullish and bearish names of the new year.

Check it out below…

6 Bearish Trades to Hedge Against an Upcoming Market Sell-Off

In the last nine months of 2020, stocks rallied an impressive 72%.

But on the first trading day of the new year, the S&P 500 tanked 2.8% -the worst yearly start in the past two decades.

Ongoing vaccine distribution, a presidential inauguration, the uncertainty of the U.S. Senate… these early 2021 events are pumping volatility into the new year’s market.

Monday’s trading activity is a perfect reminder that the market can’t run up forever.

A correction is coming. And many investors are struggling to protect their portfolios.

But listen up – volatility isn’t scary. Movement like this is exactly what we need to make this year a winning one.

Why protect yourself from a pullback when you can take advantage of it?

See, I have a plan to cash in on a red market. And today, I’m going to share it with you.

These six bearish opportunities will put you in a profit-taking position when the market’s next sell-off hits…

What to Expect from the Market’s 11 Sectors in 2021

2020 was home to market moves that no one could have anticipated.

I’m talking about the market’s circuit breakers being triggered four times in one month.

I’m talking about the S&P rising double digits for the year.

I’m talking about the index’s 60%-plus gain since March.

It was a year stocked with surprises. But we aren’t going to let 2021 do the same.

Today, I’m going to take you through the market’s 11 sectors – and show you exactly what to expect from each this year…

Plus, how to play these sectors for long-term profits.

Healthcare, consumer staples, energy – you name it. I’m explaining my expert outlook on every sector in the market.

Don’t let this year take advantage of you. Turn the tables. You can learn how to take advantage of 2021.

Just check out the video below

Make 2021 Your Richest Year Yet with This Monthly Profit Play

Every year, on December 31, one of my favorite long-term trading strategies is revealed.

It’s called the “Dogs of the Dow,” and over the past 20 years, it has averaged 10% returns – that’s over the course of the dot-com bust, the 2008 financial crisis, and, yes, the 2020 global pandemic.

On the last trading day of the year, we find the 10 stocks with the highest dividend yields – and typical “Dogs of the Dow” traders will add these stocks to their portfolio, taking the dividend payments all year long.

That’s a good strategy, sure. But I play the Dogs of the Dow a little bit differently – and with my way, you’re making more than 10% per year.

See, with this unique strategy, you can spend 2021 collecting cash every single month.

This year, “add historical gains to my portfolio” should be at the top of your resolutions list – and we can cross that off all by trading the Dogs of the Dow like this…

Three Coins with Triple-Digit Gain Potential by February

At the end of 2019, I predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would hit $20K by the end of 2020.

Back then, that was a bold prediction…

That’s when Warren Buffet was calling cryptocurrency a “mirage,” warning people to stay away.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon called the market’s top coin a “scam” and a “fraud.” He even said if he found out one of his employees was investing in Bitcoin, he’d fire them on grounds of stupidity.

Since then, Buffett has sat down for lunch with the TRON microcurrency founder Justin Sun.

JPMorgan has admitted that “the potential long-term upside for Bitcoin is considerable.”

And in November 2020, BTC hit $20K – just as I predicted.

This Tesla Trade Has a 96.8% Profit Probability – by Christmas Eve

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has spent the majority of the year hitting all-time highs.

The electric vehicle maker was set to be added to the S&P 500 after Friday’s closing bell. And in anticipation, the stock continued clamoring up, hitting a record high of $695 at the end of last week.

That’s a massive, 708% gain year-to-date. Get this – at the beginning of 2020, TSLA sat at a measly $86 per share.

To see how crazy TSLA’s ride has been this year, just look at it compared to the past three

Four Companies Pushing the Cannabis Market Toward a 500% Jump

Today, we are going to get real about pot.

See, pot stocks have been around since medical legalization first began. And I’ve had a few in my own portfolio for the past several years. But right now, these stocks are on fire like never before.

Since February, U.S. stocks associated with pot have risen over 40%. Many are hitting new all-time highs as I type – and those that aren’t are well on their way.

Right now, pot stocks are home to some of the highest profit potential the market has to offer.

35 states and D.C. have legalized medical marijuana. And 15 of those states – plus D.C. – legally sell recreational marijuana as well.

One of those states is Michigan – and in just 12 months, the state’s cannabis industry secured $440 million in sales. Learn about the company accountable for 12% of Michigan’s cannabis sales right here.

The legalized cannabis market hit $13.6 billion in 2019. I never thought I’d refer to a number that big as “nothing,” but believe me – $13.6 billion is nothing compared to what’s coming.

The market is estimated to explode six-fold in the next 10 years. That means by 2030, we could be looking at an $80 billion-plus cannabis market.

And today, I’m going to show you how you can take a chunk of that change.

It’s time to get into the cannabis market now, so that you can take advantage of the 500% jump later.

Here are the top four cannabis names you’ll want to take a look at right now

Trade Tesla for at Least $1,000 by Friday with This Neutral Strategy

In the past month, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has gone from around $400 per share to over $600 per share.

That’s a 50% gain in as little as 30 days. And in the same amount of time, it’s handed option traders 1000%-plus gains – call worth $20 in mid-November is worth $200 today!

And there’s even more coming for TSLA

At the sound of Friday’s closing bell, the electric automaker will be added to the S&P 500 in what’s sure to be a historic day for the markets.

See, the heaviest days of trading tend to be on the days of major index rebalancing like we’ll see this week. Meaning TSLA‘s headline-making days are far from over.

The question is – where do we go from here? Is TSLA‘s inclusion in the S&P a sell-the-news event, or is the stock set to go even higher from here?

Well, the answer doesn’t matter. Not if you’re using the strategy I’m going to show you today, anyways.

This strategy isn’t bullish or bearish. It’s neutral, and it has a sky-high probability of profit.

Plus, it has the potential to hand you at least $1,000 by Friday.

I’ll break down this trade in the video below. Check it out

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