How to Protect Yourself from the Fed on June 13

Janet Yellen was hawkish in last Wednesday’s Fed meeting and even referred to the slowed economic growth in the first quarter as “transitory.”

Translation – no big deal.

So while they’re holding interest rates steady for now, you’re looking at more than a 90% chance of another interest rate hike on June 13, when the Fed meets again.  

Now higher interest rates could affect everything from your mortage and credit card payments to the equities in your portfolio.

But here’s how you can protect yourself…

The Most “Market Proof” Sector to Trade in May

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading at historic highs for the first time since it broke 21,000 in March. The NASDAQ has also broken to new highs, thanks in part to positive earnings reports for many of its larger-weighted stocks.

Despite these highs right now, history tells us that between now and the end of October, we’ll see declining or flat markets.

But one particular sector offers two advantages that makes it an optimal addition to your portfolio right now.

And it’s virtually “market proof…”

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