Use this Lucrative Strategy to Find the Market’s “Loose Change”

For years, I’ve kept a mason jar on my dresser for spare change.

Every so often, I’ll take the jar to the CoinStar at the grocery store, and I’m always pretty shocked at how fast the loose change from my pockets can add up to $150 plus.

And I always think… that’s a lot to miss out on had I not taken a little time to gather it up.

That is the exact mindset we’re taking in today’s video where I’ll show you how to find the market’s “loose change.”

We are going to dive into intraday stock patterns – and how you can profit on the growth of these midday movements.

I’m going to give you an exclusive look at how to spot these moneymaking opportunities and show you step-by-step how you can trade these “loose change” patterns.

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The Top Sectors that Will Profit on the $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill

At the end of the week, President Biden signed a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill – and $1,400 could already be sitting in your bank account.

That’s why in today’s episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are covering exactly where you should invest your relief check.

We are going to go over the supply chain – from agriculture to restaurants – and show you the best ways to play the top sectors that are set to profit.

I am also going to cover cryptocurrency and how Bitcoin could be boosted even further once these checks hit the bank.

This podcast is full of information – and we threw in a few laughs free of charge.

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Profit on These Restaurant Stocks in Less Than Two Months

Innovate or die.”
-Pete Drucker

As the world slowly starts to return to normal, businesses that adapted and thrived on the quarantine regulations are continuing to move higher.

Major restaurant owners like Darden Restaurants – a stock that hit a low of $26.15 on March 18, 2020 and is currently trading at $141.53 – are leading the charge.

These companies solved the issue of the lack of foot traffic by ramping up digital ordering and touchless curbside pick-up and delivery services.

Now that I can get my favorite burger fix at the press of a button (and a 45-55 minute wait), I can’t imagine life any other way.

And I don’t think I’ll have to… because the companies that are excelling with these advancements are going to continue with this new way of dining out even once people are allowed in restaurants again.

To see the top five restaurants that are continuing with these innovations – and the best way to profit on them in less than 30 days – click here.

Diversify Your Portfolio with the Top Three Alternative Investments in 2021

Following the recent market pullback, the Dow hit a 650-point intraday high on Monday on the news of a stimulus bill getting passed by Senate over the weekend.

I’ll be the first to say it — volatility seems to be the name of the game for March.

That’s why I put together a list of investments that you can use as a long-term hedge against the stock market in 2021.

Today, we are going to dive into:

The Simple Way to Play 2021’s Great Economic Comeback

Friday’s trading day was choppy as the Treasury yield hit a yearly high of 1.63% following a better-than-expected jobless claims report.

Now, this report that showed the unemployment rate dropping to 6.2% got investors talking. And it only means one thing: the economy is continuing to recover and fast.

That’s why in today’s episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are covering the markets and how to profit as the country continues to reopen.

We will dive into this week’s healthy market pullback and how it’s time to start adding bullish positions back into your portfolio.

I also have my eye set on tax season and some changes that we might be seeing coming up

Make a 100% Profit on the Market’s Ongoing Correction with This Simple Trade

Yesterday, stocks took a hit following the growing concern of an economic overheating.

The Nasdaq dropped 2.5% as investors continue to sell off tech stocks, and the S&P 500 fell over 1% by closing bell.

And I’m not seeing this pullback let up – at least not for the next two weeks.

Which is why today, I am going to show you a simple trading strategy to profit on the market movement before the end of the month.

You can use this strategy no matter your trading experience, and you have the potential to add profits to your portfolio in a matter of days.

To access this specific trade recommendation – with 100% profit potential – click here

Profit on Bitcoin’s Bullish Run Using These Correlative Stocks

On Thursday, the Nasdaq had its worst session since October, dropping 3.5%.

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a pullback, and the thing that is grabbing investors’ attention is how stocks and bonds are moving.

Conventionally, these two markets trade inversely, but we are currently seeing bondsdropping along with the market.

That why in today’s episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are covering all you need to know about the stock and bond markets.

We’re also going to jump into crypto and how you can profit on Bitcoin without even touching this top coin by market cap

This Stock Dropped 18% in Five Days – Here’s How to Play it for a 30% Profit by March

This afternoon, the S&P 500 dropped over 2.5% all thanks to low performance from some of the major tech names.

Apple, Google, and Facebook were all down 2.5% and the Consumer Discretionary Select (XLY) and SPDR Trust Technology (XLK) were down over 3% on the day.

After 2021’s bullish start, it’s no surprise that the market is facing a pullback – and tech stocks are leading the downward charge…

Creating a profit opportunity in the process.

Today, I am going to show you how to use “Top-Down Analysis” to find the best stocks to play during this market pullback.

You can get a list of the top 10 stocks that are pulling back in the tech sector and the two best strategies to play them all right here

Where to Put Your Money During this Market Pullback

The S&P 500 hasn’t had a pullback greater than 3% since last quarter.

But as we hit our halfway point of February, there is a lot of red on the horizon according to our indicators and historical patterns.

That’s what Chris Johnson and I are covering in today’s edition of The Profit Strategies Podcast.

We are going to show you what trades we’re getting into – and getting out of – during this time.

You are also going to get a look at how volatility is playing a major role in the market movement.

And to finish it out, we are going to talk about how the FAANG is leading this downward charge, and where we’re putting our money.

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