Taking the Express Route to Profit

It’s no secret that I spend most of my time in Florida, as my primary home is located in the Sunshine State.

I get a lot of jabs from my neighbors wanting to know why I “retired” so early, and looking at the average age of my neighbors here on the west coast of Florida, I understand why they ask.

Seriously though, a lot of Baby Boomers are now running smack dab into their retirement.

An aging population coupled with the rising cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is a potent brew for profiting in the healthcare sector.

And it’s no wonder that this company is in the spotlight with long-term analysts… and me.

Let’s find out how to take the “Profit Express” right now…

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When to Take Profits

I have been writing to you providing my education, market views, and trades that I am considering for a while now.

The positive response and gratitude you all have extended me is humbling, and I am grateful to you for sharing.

It is my goal to provide you quality education on my trading processes and to further cement that education to where you can learn to do this with proficiency and little to no stress.

I realize this is not a one-way street. The conversation isn’t one where I just contribute article after article and you read and make your decisions and we leave it at that.

Far from it…

Today I want to address a question I get asked a lot…and it has a direct bearing on just how much money you can make…

Let’s get started.

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