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Power Profit Trades is a free twice-weekly publication aimed at helping you find wealth by following in the trading steps of America’s #1 Pattern Trader, Tom Gentile.

Tom’s strategies are aimed at making you a “One Percenter,” the rarefied financial status of investors who claim 90% of the profits from global trading.

As a member of Power Profit Trades, you’ll get deep insight into both how to make money and how to avoid becoming another wreck among the 99% of investors who consistently lose money.

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You’ll learn how to pick the right trading tactics, including tactics you don’t know about yet or haven’t been able to use effectively. Tom even provides classroom-like videos reviewing the strategies and shows you how they played out in real-time trade examples.

Tom’s focus is always on how to make money and how to keep your money safe, while educating you so you can “Learn While You Earn.”

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