The 2021 Trader’s Guide: 5 Stocks with Unlimited Profit Potential

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2021 could be the most lucrative year in decades, but your time to take advantage is already running out.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun in earnest. The House passed a new stimulus relief bill to start the new year. Banks and analysts are almost universally issuing positive forecasts for the year to come.

Investment bank UBS, for example, just released a report confidently titled “A Year of Renewal.” One U.S.-based markets strategist told CNBC:

We believe that as we head into 2021, the broader story will continue to be the true ‘reopening’ of the economy in the U.S. and globally, driven by the distribution of vaccines and increase in global economic activity.”

2020’s V-shaped recovery has every reason to continue – to accelerate, in fact – which means that if you don’t have a trading plan to capitalize on this momentum, you’re already falling behind.

And that’s exactly what you’re getting in this report.

All five of these stocks are based on three common factors: value, growth, and safety. In other words, do they make money? Do they have a future? Are they low-risk?

The answer to each of these questions is the same for all five stocks: yes.

Not only that, but I believe each of these stocks will offer repeated trading opportunities throughout the year. So I’m not just talking about a one-time gain of 30% or 50% over a year. I’m talking about repeated chances to double your money, making this the year you could create lasting wealth for a lifetime.

Here are the top five stocks to buy right now…

  1. Arrow Electronics Inc. (NYSE:ARW)

Today, this commercial electronic component company sits at an all-time high of $97. But the stock’s fair value estimate tells an even more bullish story.

This is an estimate of what a stock is actually worth – and right now, ARW is at least 50% below its fair value estimate. That means this stock has 50% or more growth potential in the new year. And it gets even better.

Earnings are expected to grow at least 15% in 2021. Plus, the company finally became profitable in 2020 – meaning this stock has only one direction to go from here.

Just take a look at its chart:

Clearly, ARW is moving up. With a high fair value estimate, earnings growth, and profitability, this stock is stable. And when it comes to buying stocks, stability is key. This is one name set for a stellar 2021 performance.

  1. Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE:JNPR)

JNPR is a network provider that, like ARW, is trading at nearly half of its fair value estimate. But unlike ARW, this stock spent 2020 going in all different directions:

Currently, JNPR sits 19.4% below its 52-week high of $26.49 – and it’s only headed higher. Recently, the stock bounced off six-month lows, breaking above chart resistance at $22.10.

This networking company has room to grow – and based off of other companies within its sector, this is a pure value play.

  1. Xerox Holdings Corp. (NYSE:XRX)

This is one company you’ve heard of your entire life. It sells document management systems – yes, I’m talking about the copier machine that’s been in your office’s printing room for as long as you can remember.

But XRX is growing as a company again – at about 10% per year, according to the company’s earnings. Just like JNPR and ARW, the stock is trading below its fair value estimate – and it looks ripe to move higher.

See, you don’t have to rely on the company’s fundamentals. Just check out the stock’s chart – XRX is up 50% in the last six months alone. And that’s just a taste of what it’s capable of in 2021.

  1. Alliance Data Systems Corp. (NYSE:ADS)

This data-driven analysis company is trading at less than half of its fair value. And its stock price will only grow in the next several months, especially if you look at its earnings estimates. ADS earnings are expected to grow more than 25% in 2021.

After lagging between $40 and $50, the stock broke out in October and moved as high as $85 before pulling back to current support levels. Buy low, sell high, right? Now’s the time to get into ADS if you want to profit off the next bull run.

  1. Qiwi PLC (Nasdaq:QIWI)

QIWI is a Russian payment service provider with some big cash potential.

Not only is the stock trading well below its fair value estimate, it also expects earnings growth around 5% for 2021.

Now, this name isn’t absent of any risk. QIWI has an unstable track record for dividends, and it may reduce forward dividends if cash is needed.

That said, the stock has been cut in half over the last six months. It’s currently trading over 52% lower than its 2020 high. This is definitely a value play – and if you ask me, the attraction of the current price level outweighs the risks.

Now that you’re familiar with 2021’s most outstanding opportunities, just one question remains.

How do you play them?

Most investors would simply tell you to buy them. And sure, that’ll work – each of these stocks is poised for a positive future, so they have definite potential to grow your account.

But that’s just the beginning. What most investors don’t know is that stocks are much more predictable than they think. Many stocks move the same direction, roughly the same amount, during the same period, year after year after year.

I know this because I spent 10 years and millions of dollars to find these hidden patterns in the market.

My invention is called the Money Calendar.

Thanks to the Money Calendar, my readers and I regularly do something nobody else can: We spot an upcoming pattern in the markets, circle a date in our calendar, and like a baseball legend just before hitting a home run into the stands… we call the shot.

In 2021, my Money Calendar may show us opportunities in Qiwi, Xerox, or any of the other stocks listed above. Or it may find something we don’t expect. But what I do know is that every month, I’ll be sending out a new calendar full of opportunities for you to make money.

In fact, I’ve got eight “payday” opportunities locked and loaded right now.

And I want you to see them.

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I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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