Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar: A Stock Market Analysis Tool

Turn Your Daily Planner into a


For the first time ever, America’s #1 Trader, Tom Gentile, pulls back
the curtain to reveal his patent-pending trading tools…
Plus his 3 hottest trades for a potential 300% gain by July 9th.

Dear Reader,

What if right now – today – you got a tip that shares of Baxter International, the fifth largest medical company in the world, were about to jump $1.75 a share?

And not only that…

What if you knew that Baxter made that exact jump – like clockwork – in nine out of the last 10 years?

Now imagine using that knowledge to turn just a 2.5% move in Baxter into gains of 100% or more

And having no choice but to quickly collect those gains no later than July 9th.

Do you think you could fatten up your portfolio if you could get incredible tips like that every single week?

You better believe you could.

Well, guess what…

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how you could cash in on Baxter International by July 9th.

I going to show you how I use that exact, one-of-a-kind information every day.

I’m going to show you how I use it to find trades with potential reward-to-risk ratios of 2-to-1… 3-to-1… even 10-to-1.

And I’m going to show you how every single one of those trades will always pay out any potential gains within 30 days or less.

All thanks to a never-before-imagined tool I just developed…

My name is Tom Gentile.

Maybe you’re one of the more than 300,000 people I’ve personally taught to spot high-probability, low-risk trade opportunities.

Maybe you’ve read one of my best-selling books on market-beating strategies.

Or maybe you know me as co-founder of one of the world’s most trusted financial education companies. Optionetics

What you may not know is that we recently sold our company to one of the largest retail brokerage firms in the world for several million.

As part of the deal, I had to promise not to compete for a while. So I’ve spent the last five years – and millions of dollars of my own money – developing the most powerful market analysis tool in the world.

Now that my contractual obligations have played out, I’m free to do whatever I want.

And I’m chomping at the bit to reveal the incredible money-making power of this tool.

This is stuff nobody else has even dreamed of, let alone seen.

This is so new and unique, it’s in the process of being granted a utility patent right now. And things like this hardly EVER qualify for that kind of patent.

I call my new tool the Money Calendar.


Because every single day, it crunches through 10 years of DAILY stock transactions on the best 250 stocks and ETFs you can trade. Like a complex code-breaker, it finds minute patterns that nobody else can possibly see – patterns of extraordinary gains that repeat over and over again with 90 to 100% consistency – for an entire decade.

Then, based on all that history, it guides me to exciting, new trades.

I’m talking about opportunities for incredible gains that you can literally schedule on your calendar – like a potential “payout appointment.”

And while Money Calendar will NEVER set an appointment beyond 30 trading days, I will often reschedule appointments to maximize profit potential.

Let me give you some actual backtested examples from just the last few months…

This “payout appointment” on December 5th could have DOUBLED your money with a 100.6% GAIN on FedEx (FDX) within 16 trading days.

Money Calendar

A “payout appointment” on December 24th could have paid off for a quick 71% GAIN on Goldman Sachs (GS) within eight days.

Two “payout appointments” on February 13th resulted in a fast 149% GAIN on CVS (CVS), and a 328% GAIN on Disney (DIS).

On March 3rd, Cheniere Energy (LNG) could have rewarded you with a 201% GAIN in just eight days…

On March 10th, Alcoa’s (AA) payout appointment could have TRIPLED your money after just 19 days…

And take a look at the whopping 580% GAIN on March 19th, from Barrick Gold (ABX), in just 20 days…

Then, the very next day, on March 20th, another payout appointment would have yielded a 245% GAIN on Nike (NKE)…

March’s final payout appointment, on the 26th, resulted in a 290% GAIN from Freeport-McMoran (FCX) after just nine days!

And here’s what April 2015 looked like… The Money Calendar

April 9th had two payout appointments. One was a 130% GAIN on Schlumberger (SCB) in 20 days, and the other was an incredible 502% GAIN on Apollo Group (APOL) in 30 days.

April 10th had three payout appointments, including a 57% GAIN on Netflix (NFLX), a 150% GAIN on Conoco Phillips (COP), and a 172% GAIN on Andarko Petroleum (APC)… all after less than 30 days.

April 22nd had a payout appointment that would have fetched a quick 115% gain.

The payout appointment on the 23rd was a potential 111% gain.

April 24th had another three appointments – a 174% gain on Caterpillar (CAT), a 250% gain on Baker Hughes (BHI), a 280% gain on Yum! Brands (YUM)…

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

And let me be perfectly clear: the Money Calendar is MY tool. I’m NOT interested in selling, or even renting it to you.

In fact, it’s not available to anyone at any price.

But because you’re a loyal reader – and to introduce me as the newest member of the Money Map team – Mike Ward has authorized me to give you a very special opportunity.

For the first time ever – anywhere – I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you how a real trader works.

I’m going to show you how I use my Money Calendar to get that juicy information on 250 of the world’s top-rated stocks every day of the week.

Then I’m going to show you exactly – step-by-step – just how easy it is for me to set up these potential “payout appointments.”

So let’s get started…

First I’m going to walk you through the Baxter International trade I mentioned – the one with the potential to turn Money Calendar information into a huge gain of up to 100%… by July 9th.

Then I’m going to give you three more of the hottest, brand-new Money Calendar trades I’ve got my eye on right now.

These are NOT examples or vague teases. These are real trades you could make today – trades that could turn $500 into $1,000 or more… within 30 days.

But first let me introduce you to the basics of my Money Calendar, by taking you through a similar trade start-to-finish – a trade that’s already complete.

This way you’ll clearly see the real, historically PROVEN dollars-and-cents difference Money Calendar trades could make in YOUR life and YOUR retirement.

Would you have gained 10% or 85%?

This particular trade was possible on January 6th, when the Money Calendar revealed some incredible information.

A decade of historical data shows that every single year for nine of the past 10 years, Cheniere Energy (LNG) gained an average of 15% by February 15th.

Cheniere Energy Stock

So what would YOU have done with that incredible information?

Well, if you’re like most people, I’m guessing the first thing you’d have done was lick your chops.

Then you’d probably have eagerly plunked down $6,732 for every 100 shares of LNG you wanted to buy. And you would’ve sat back planning to pocket a quick 15% gain for yourself.

But not me.

I wouldn’t have done that at all.

Using data from my Money Calendar, I would have made one simple but very different trade – a specific trade with a statistical guarantee that just a 14.75% move in LNG could DOUBLE my money

Then I would have made sure I had no choice but to pocket any gains within 30 days or less

And finally, I would have made that trade on 100 shares of LNG without risking $6,732… not $5,000… not even $1,000. Just $363 total.

Let me show you exactly how Money Calendar would have helped make that happen.

How to Invest in the Money Calendar

At first glance, my Money Calendar looks like a regular calendar. But don’t be fooled.

Beneath the surface is a complex, statistical rocket engine.

It crunches millions of data points to reveal stock moves that have repeated 90 to 100% of the time… for the last DECADE.

I’m talking EVERY consistent move… up or down… made by the world’s top 250 stocks and ETFs… within 30 days or less from any point in time.

Those colors give me a snapshot view of the incredible stock opportunities found for each day, opportunities that nobody else on the planet can see.

Greens mean heavy bullish opportunities, reds are predominantly bearish, and yellows and oranges are a mix.

When I click on January 6, 2015, you can see it gives me a whole variety of upcoming opportunities.

First it gives me the stock symbols. Then some bars.

How to Invest

When the bar is green, we know we’re talking about GAINS.

Money Calendar also tracks consistent LOSSES, and those bars would be red.

Each bar is a graphic representation of the maximum number of days it has historically taken for the stock to complete its move over the past 10 years. In this case, moving forward from January 6th each year.

Look here, and you’ll see the exact number of days appears at the right end of each bar.

Now let’s take a closer look at Cheniere Energy (LNG).

Invest in Cheniere Energy

The number there is 30. So Money Calendar says LNG has consistently increased within 30 trading days of January 6th.

One of the most important numbers on this chart is under the “Accuracy” column. The 90% here means that LNG has increased in 9 of the last 10 years. And I never even consider a trade unless that number is 90% or 100%.

So exactly what kind of increase are we talking about?

Well that’s what the next columns show.

Put it all together, and you see that for nine of the past 10 years – between January 6th, and February 14th, the average net profit per trade was $17.31. And the price of each share increased by an average of $1.73.

Now let’s look a little more close at LNG by clicking on its stock symbol. We’ll get a screen that looks like this.

The Money Calendar Investing Strategy

This digs deeper below what we saw on the previous screen.

On top, you can see that it recommends buying LNG. And it expects the gain to happen between January 6th and February 14th. Then it maps those dates out on a timeline.

Below that, it repeats the average net profit, duration (or time span), average gain, and accuracy information.

And below that, we can really get a good look at the exact performance for this exact time period every year for the last 10 years. You can easily see our 90%, where nine of the 10 graphs show gains. Investment Advice

And if we click on any year – let’s click on 2014… you get one additional chart…

It’s an exact look at how the stock performed every single day of the time period.

And with one click, I can see the same performance graph for the same time period in every one of the last 10 years.

Next, I make one more click and go to my next tool called the Option Chain.

Option Chain

I tell it that I’m looking for trades on LNG that will culminate by February 15th. Why?

Remember, my Money Calendar said LNG jumped between January 6th and February 14th for the last 10 years. Not February 16th… not February 4th. February 14th.

When I hit update, Money Calendar zeroes in on a number of trade possibilities for me.

I go here to find the one I want.

Stocks to Buy

I know that LNG rises an average of $1.73, and the current price is around $68, so I find a trade that counts on LNG rising to that $70 level.

More importantly, remember I’m always interested in at least DOUBLING my money. When I look here this column tells me it would only take a 14.75% increase in the stock for this trade to double.

Since the average gain for LNG is 15%… that makes a double very likely. And makes this a potentially great trade.

So I go here with one more click and select the trade.

Best Investments

This summary shows me I can trade 100 shares of LNG for only $363 – that’s the absolute most I could possibly lose in a worst-case scenario.

It meets my standard for very minimal risk. And shows that my profit potential is literally UNLIMITED.

Plus I know that DOUBLING my money is a very real possibility.

I hope you can see the power here. I hope you understand how unique this is.

First Money Calendar finds these patterns nobody else can see.

Then it gives me a chart of these exact moves… in this exact same timeframe… for each of the last 10 years.

Then it helps me find the best trades to take advantage of this information.

All in just a few minutes… with a couple clicks of my mouse!

So how do you think it turned out?

Let’s look at what happened if you bought the stock, like most people would have.

When LNG hit its high mark of $74.33 on January 20, 2015, you’d be looking at a tidy $701 profit from each $6,732 you risked.

That’s a 10.4% gain in just 14 days… WAY better than what most people hope to achieve.

All because you knew the Money Calendar pattern, you’d be happy as a clam.

But now let’s look at what would have happened if you not only knew the pattern… but took it to the next level.

What if instead of just buying the stock, you made the trade my Money Calendar found?

LNG stock

This chart shows you would have a gain of not 10.4%, but +87.3%!

THAT’S AN EIGHT TIMES HIGHER RETURN than the typical stock trade… with 95% LESS RISK!

Or you could look at it another way…

If you really wanted to risk around $6,500 instead of just $363, you could have still made the Money Calendar trade like this…

LNG Stock News

Only instead of gaining the $701 from buying the stock… your gain could have been $5,706!

THAT’S $5,005 MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET… on the exact same amount invested in the exact same stock on the exact same date.

That’s the incredible power of the Money Calendar.

So, are you ready to experience that power for yourself?


Because like I promised, it’s time to put my Money Calendar to work for you.

So let me walk you through your first potential “payout appointment” – a chance to book a 100% gain on Baxter International

Payout Appointment No. 1:

100% (or More) by July 9, 2015

First I click on May 29th in the Money Calendar, and find a pattern for Baxter that is virtually invisible to everybody else.

Payout Appointment

This shows you that for the 30 trading days following May 29th, shares of Baxter INCREASED in price every single year except one over the last decade.

Not only that, but it tells me that the average increase in Baxter over those 10 years was $1.75 a share.

With the stock trading at around $68.88 a share, an average jump would put it around $70.63. Roughly a 2.5% gain.

Now, while it’s vitally important to know the average gain, let me stop right here and make something perfectly clear:

I AM NOT going to waste my time – or yours – on trades that only have the potential to gain 2.5%. Not even 10%… 50%… or 90%, for that matter.

I refuse to consider recommending any trade unless I know it has the real potential to gain at least 100% or more.

So to find that out, I go to another column on the Money Calendar, the “Percent to Double” column.

How to double your money

Right here it shows me a trade where just a 5.86% move in Baxter’s stock will DOUBLE my money.

That’s what I’m talking about!

But I’m still not done.

You see, I don’t just look for trades that can maximize my gains…

I’m also only interested in trades with risk that’s both minimal and 100% manageable. I’m talking trades that I can get into investing just $500 or less… usually MUCH less.

So I go back to Money Calendar… And there it is!

Best stock trades

By the way, don’t worry. This may look like gibberish to you right now. But it will quickly become perfectly clear.

Let’s look at the bottom line:

My Money Calendar says that by July 9th – 30 trading days after May 29th – Baxter should be trading higher. And you have a chance to get in right at the beginning and double your money even if the stock moves less than 6%.

And that’s just the minimum.

double your money

Baxter could climb well beyond its average run-up, which makes the profit potential truly UNLIMITED.

And not only that, Money Calendar has found a way to trade 100 shares of Baxter stock that currently sells for over $68.88 a share… for only $167 TOTAL.

Yes, you heard that right… $6,888 worth of stock for less than two hundred bucks!

Imagine how much FUN you could have investing this minimized-risk, maximized-potential way!

If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

I suggest you circle July 9th on your calendar right now for this potential “payout appointment.”

And remember, that’s barely the beginning. You’re going to get three more of these incredible Money Calendar opportunities in the next few minutes.

Fastest, easiest way to DOUBLE your money.

Now, if the gains from the trades I’ve been sharing with you seem extraordinary, it’s because they are… at least compared to the way most people invest.

But gains of 100%… 300%… even 500% and more are just “average” to me.

Remember, I refuse to even consider a trade unless Money Calendar confirms it has a 10-year history of consistent moves… and a statistically rock-solid chance to at least DOUBLE my money within 30 days.

That’s where the “Percent to Double” feature of my Money Calendar tool comes into play.

It quickly tells me how much the price of a stock needs to move in order to at least DOUBLE your money on a Money Calendar trade.

Can you imagine knowing the exact move it will take to DOUBLE your money…

And ONLY making trades where that move is not simply possible… but extremely likely based on 10 years of past performance?

Nobody else has anything even close to this!

Let me walk you through a previous double Money Calendar found – a trade that could have put a 183.4% gain in your pocket on just a 14.7% gain in the stock.

On January 16th, Money Calendar identified an incredible opportunity to make quick profits on the refinery giant Valero Energy (VLO).

easy way to double your money

You can see here that for nine of the past 10 years, Valero’s stock increased by an average of $1.84 per share… within just 10 days.

TEN DAYS… think about how incredible that is for a second.

Money Calendar found a DECADES-long pattern of increases in a timeslot so tiny, it’s a barely-identifiable blip on the radar for anyone else studying ONE year… let alone 10!

THAT’S why Money Calendar can guide you to gains you’d never find anywhere else.

Now let’s see what my Money Calendar found for Valero…

Find the best stocks

With a stock price of $45.07, the average increase of $1.84 per share would be about a 4% gain. But when I go back and look at the actual year-by-year history, I see a couple things.

First, I see that when Valero takes off… it takes off BIG.

Second, it looks to me like Valero may be due for an above average year.

Valero stock

So when I look at my Percent-to-Double tool, I find a Money Calendar trade that could have doubled my money with just a 9.76% increase in the price.

And I could have made the trade for just $217.

Valero Money Calendar

Now take a look at what happened…

Valero Energy Corp stock

Just as Money Calendar expected, by January 29th Valero stock shot up to $51.70… a solid 14.7% gain.

Valero Energy Corp stock price

But the Money Calendar trade did almost 10 TIMES BETTER than that. It skyrocketed 183.4%…

Not just a DOUBLE, but almost a TRIPLE… in less than two weeks!

Now it’s time to get YOU in on the action.

Here’s another potential doubler…

Payout Appointment No. 2:

100% (or More) by July 9, 2015

Take a look at what Money Calendar is showing me right now…

example of the money calendar

You’ll see that in nine of the last 10 years, Exelon – one of the biggest and most profitable electric companies in America – has gone up during the 30 trading days that follow its Money Calendar date. This is another July 9th “appointment” you can make.

invest in Exelon

So I go to my next tool and see that you can make a trade where just a 6.3% move in Exelon’s stock will double your money. Plus, you can make this trade for just $125. That’s what I want.

When I put it all together, here’s what it looks like.

Stocks with unlimited potential

Money Calendar has found a way to trade 100 shares of Exelon’s stock – stock that currently costs roughly $35 for one share – for a total of only $125.

And based on a 10-year track record, Money Calendar says that sometime before July 9th, Exelon is poised to DOUBLE your money – a 100% gain – on just a 6.3% stock move.

And that’s at a minimum. Because if Exelon keeps going up, our potential gain is literally UNLIMITED.

So it’s time to circle your calendar again. This hot, new potential “payout appointment” is coming up fast.

The ultimate price/time collision!

Of course, by now, I’m sure you’re wondering what these Money Calendar trades are – trades that could give you the potential for unlimited gains… while risking no more than $500, and often much less.

And here’s the answer:

Very specific types of options.

Not the complicated kind, though, or the ones that people use to lose lots of money.

Here’s what I mean…

My Money Calendar trades are extremely simple:

75 to 80% of them trade as easily as any stock, with one click of your mouse. I make this so easy, even your grandkids could do this and make money.

My Money Calendar trades are extremely low risk, too:

I NEVER consider a trade with excessive or unknown risk. I always know the exact maximum amount at risk on every single trade. And it is ALWAYS $500 or less.

And my Money Calendar trades have the potential to be extremely profitable:

I make sure the potential gains are at least TWO TIMES more than the money at risk, with the possibility to grow THREE TIMES… FOUR TIMES…EVEN 10 TIMES MORE.

You’ve already seen plenty of backtested examples of how Money Calendar options trades work. You’ve also seen how much money they can make. And I’ve barely scraped the surface.

When you know what you’re doing – and when you know how to manage the risk like I do – incredible things can happen.

So even if you’ve never traded options in your life, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You benefit from the tools to minimize risk and maximize gains that I’ve been perfecting for years.

You get an expert “standing right next to you,” as you’ll see in a minute, walking you through real, money-making trades.

And you get the money-making power of my Money Calendar behind each trade recommendation.

Somebody once said, “When price and time collide, change is imminent.”

Well, my Money Calendar option trades are really just meticulously calculated price/time collisions.

They’re based on a certain stock… reaching a certain price… by a particular point in time.

And as you’ve already seen, Money Calendar does what nothing else can. It identifies consistently repeating price/time collisions over an entire decade.

So I like to say, “When price and time collide in my Money Calendar options trades, minimized risk and huge profit potential are imminent.”

Here’s a perfect example of an explosive price/time collision that Money Calendar found…

On January 20th, it looked like this.

when to buy and sell stocks

And way down at the bottom you’ll see a particularly intriguing trade opportunity for The Boeing Company (BA).

This shows that beginning on January 20th – in nine of the last 10 years – Boeing stock increased an average of $0.56 per share within a very quick 18 days.

With Boeing trading at $130.41, I would have only needed a trade that would count on it increasing to $132.

And the trade that Money Calendar found was a real gem.

Money Calendar trade

My Percent-to-Double tool shows that this trade would have given me the potential to pocket a 100% gain with just a 4.47% increase in the stock.

Next is where the minimized risk of Money Calendar trades really shines through.

You see, even with 10 years of data behind every single trade that Money Calendar identifies, averages are just that. Averages.

Even past performance with 100% consistency is still no guarantee of future results.

So there’s no way I would ever consider risking $13,041 to trade 100 shares of this stock.

evaluating stock risk

But Money Calendar guided me to a trade with UNLIMITED gains potential… and the most I could have possibly lost making this trade would have been $254.

That’s what makes Money Calendar trades like this one so truly incredible!

Now take a look at what actually happened…

best stocks to buy

This trade didn’t end up returning 100% after all…

It did over five times better than that, gaining $1,331. That’s a return of 524%.

Talk about “investing with confidence.”

Knowing what virtually nobody else could – that Boeing stock made the same jump nine of the last 10 years – made this typical Money Calendar trade a no-brainer.

Even if things completely fell apart, the MOST that could have possibly been lost was $254.

So instead of risking THIRTEEN GRAND to trade 100 shares of Boeing stock that resulted in a 13.4%, or $1,745 gain…

The Money Calendar trade could have resulted in a whopping 524% gain.

Just $254 invested could have become $1,585.

Every $1,000 invested could have turned into $6,240.

Every $5,000 invested could have become $31,200.

Every $10,000 could have grown to $62,400!

And here’s an apples-to-apples comparison that will blow your socks off…

Instead of investing $13,000 directly in the stock, the same amount invested my Money Calendar way could have turned into not $14,742… but $81,120.

That’s over five times more money… an extra $66,378 in your pocket… on the same investment.

Imagine how much better you would sleep at night knowing you could grow your portfolio so quickly and dramatically while risking so little.

Do you see how amazing this is?

Compared to the way you probably typically invest, this is a totally new source of potential gains for you.

Of course, nothing is 100% perfect, in life or the markets. So there’s no guarantee every Money Calendar trade will turn out this well. But the numbers speak for themselves…

Money Calendar harnesses all the advantages of very specific options trades to give you a totally new, extremely lucrative way to invest.

One that can help you bolster your portfolio to secure the lifestyle and retirement of your dreams.

A shot at money no matter

what the market is doing.

Not only are Money Calendar option trades some of the simplest, most lucrative, trades you can make…

They can also minimize risk while giving you the opportunity to capture extraordinary gains no matter what the overall market is doing.

That means there’s no sitting on the sidelines waiting and hoping for the markets to turn. No anxiety over the dizzying see-saw of constant and unpredictable ups and downs.

With Money Calendar, you can make money both ways.

Take one of the market’s recent rough patches, for example…

From December 8th of last year to January 6th, the broad market dropped nearly 3%. A substantial move for the index. But let’s take a detailed look at one possible Money Calendar trade during that same selloff…

On December 8th, Money Calendar discovered an exciting trading pattern in Occidental Petroleum (OXY).

In nine out of the past 10 years, shares of OXY increased an average of $3.16 per share by the end of December.

OXY stock

With the stock trading at around $75, that average gain would amount to a 4.2% increase.

And when I check my Percent-to-Double tool, I find a trade that had unlimited gain potential if the stock only increased to $77 by December 26th.

buy OXY stock

Better yet, it could have shown a 100% gain with just a 6.21% increase in the stock price… pretty close to the 10-year average gain.

Money Calendar example

And the most money at risk would have been only $194.

Another great looking Money Calendar trade.

Sure enough, Money Calendar was right on the money again.

By December 24th – while the S&P 500 was barely treading water – OXY had risen to $81.48. That’s an 8% gain.

But the Money Calendar trade did 22 times better than that! It skyrocketed to a 177.3% gain, while the broad market LOST money.

Oracle stock

And just to prove that was no fluke, look at these other Money Calendar trades that were also on fire during this same market downturn.

Oracle (ORCL) gained +224.5% between 12/8 and 12/26/2014

Oracle stock

United Health Group (UNH) gained +116.4% between 12/8 and 12/23/2014

United Health Group stock

The Ishares Russell 2000 Index (IWM) gained +139.3% between 12/8 and 12/30/2014

Ishares Russell stock

And that’s still only a small part of what Money Calendar trades can do for you!

A shot at money on decreasing stocks too.

With my Money Calendar trades, you get the opportunity to cash in not only whether the overall market is up or down, but even when individual stocks show a consistent downturn.

Take American Express (AXP), for example.

Although the financial giant is obviously a rock-solid company, Money Calendar discovered a vital pattern few would even imagine…

Invest in stocks when they are down

In all but one of the past 10 years, stock of AXP has consistently dropped in the month of January.

Rather than sit out the month and hope for an upturn, let me show you how Money Calendar would have made it easy to take advantage of this consistent drop.

I’d start by looking on my Money Calendar tool for a price/time collision where AXP decreases by around a dollar per share within 15 days.

Money Calendar tool

With AXP trading at $90.30, this trade based on a drop to $90 looks perfect.

AXP trading

Notice that not only could you have gotten into this trade for only $216… this trade had the potential to turn that $216 into $8,783.

That’s an incredible potential reward/risk ratio of 40 to 1!

I’ll take a trade like that any day… and I’ll bet you would, too!

By January 30th, just as Money Calendar expected, AXP dropped…

AXP stock

All the way down to $80.69.

invest in AXP

And instead of losing almost $10 per share – like the majority of people who actually bought AXP stock the ordinary way…

This Money Calendar trade turned $216 into $865… a 300.5% gain!

Here’s YOUR opportunity to get in on a potential “payout appointment” for another top-notch company that’s shown a consistent downward trend.

Payout Appointment #3

100% (or More) by June 26, 2015

The Money Calendar just found an incredible opportunity in Dow Chemical (DOW)…

Money Calendar payout

Every single year for the last 10 years, shares of the $117 billion behemoth have gone down between May 29th and June 26th.

That gives us an opportunity to play its remarkable 100% historic accuracy – a trade that should unfold in just 21 trading days, or by June 26th.

Money Calendar proof

So all we have to do is check my “Percent to Double” column, where you’ll see that a 6% decrease in the stock would deliver you a 100% gain.

Stock percent to double

And don’t forget…

If the stock falls more than 6%, you’ll have a chance to put much more money in your pockets.

In fact, for a trade that would cost you just $138, your true profit potential here is actually $5,011. That’s a staggering 3,531% potential gain.

stock profit potential

Remember, there’s one HUGE reason I’m so confident this trade could turn a dropping stock into big profits for you…

Because ONLY Money Calendar knows exactly when it’s happened over and over again.

Like a few months ago, when Money Calendar showed a consistent drop in Citigroup (C) nine out of 10 years between January 6th and January 20th…

Citigroup stock

This Money Calendar trade would have gained 236.1% between January 6th and January 15th 2015…

The Money Calendar example

Or when Money Calendar showed that stock of Gilead Sciences (GILD) dropped every single year for the last decade…

Tom Gentile Money Calendar

This Money Calendar trade would have turned that information into a gain of +51.2% in just nine days between 12/8 and 12/17/2014.

Stock trades

Here’s another one.

How to invest in stocks

This devastating-looking drop in American International (AIG) this year could have turned $47 into $261… an incredible 555.3% return on investment… with this one-click Money Calendar trade.

is this a stock to buy

Then there’s this drop in SINA Corp. (SINA), back in November…

SINA Corp stock

A Money Calendar trade could have turned it into an 84.5% gain that grew $309 into $570.

Money Calendar gains

Play with the big boys for pennies on the dollar.

So far, you’ve seen dozens of examples of the potential wealth YOU could build with exclusive Money Calendar trade opportunities every week.

These are trades with the potential to turn every $500 invested into gains of 100% or more.

Within 30 days.

On a tiny, single-digit percentage move in the stock…

Week in and week out, over and over again!

But believe it or not, I’m just now getting to what could be the most exciting benefit of my Money Calendar – by far.

Imagine having the opportunity to make tons of money right along with the hottest, fastest- growing names in the world – companies pioneering the technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s future TODAY.

I’m talking about being able to trade expensive, “untouchable” stocks like Netflix (NFLX), Google (GOOG), or Apple Inc. (AAPL)…

Soaring companies that some folks – the “big boys” trading huge 100-share blocks of stock – are paying upwards of $20,000 for, even $50,000 or more!

Now imagine being able to do that while still risking no more than $500 on a single trade.

And here’s the best part… the big boys are actually going to help you make it all happen!

Sound impossible?

Well, let me show you how – with just one extra click of your mouse – Money Calendar recommendations could have you playing with the big boys for pennies on the dollar.

From its humble beginnings back in 2002, Netflix (NFLX) has arguably become THE major player in the booming video entertainment industry.

Netflix stock

This chart shows that in a little more than 10 years, one share of Netflix stock has skyrocketed from $7.54… to a recent high of $474.91.

That’s an almost unfathomable 6,198.5% gain. And the end is nowhere in sight.

So it’s no surprise that Money Calendar found an extremely desirable pattern for Netflix.

NFLX stock

For nine of the last 10 years – between January 6th and February 12th – shares of Netflix (NFLX) jumped an average of $30.07 per share.

And not only did it jump consistently… but the size of each jump became progressively higher as well.

That made this one of the juiciest Money Calendar opportunities you’ll ever find.

But at a cost of $325.51 for just one share, NFLX was one of the more expensive stocks on the market.

To take advantage of this opportunity with just 100 shares of NFLX would have put a whopping $32,551 at risk.

There’s NO WAY I’d even consider that much risk.

And as you can see here…

stock rick

Even a basic Money Calendar trade would have put $1,390 at risk…

That’s way better than $32,551, but still WAY OVER my $500 risk limit.

Now, at this point, most people would make one of two bad decisions…

They’d either just pack it in and give up on this incredible opportunity altogether…

Or, even worse, they’d go ahead with either of these trades and take on HUGE, unnecessary risk and anxiety.

But once again, not me. And not you, either.

Instead, this would have been the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an amazing market “loophole.”

Hardly anybody knows this tiny loophole even exists… let alone how to manipulate it to their maximum benefit.

But Money Calendar squeezes through it like greased lightning.

It would take too long to explain all the details of how the Money Calendar Loophole works in this presentation. But you don’t need to worry about it anyway. You’ll have the chance to learn all about these strategies and loopholes later.

Right now, all you need to know is that by making one specific, complementary trade… with one extra click of your mouse…

You could have the big boys PAY YOU the real money you need to get in on this incredible Money Calendar opportunity.

how to profit in the stock market

As you can see here, the Money Calendar Loophole would have enabled you to take advantage of the Netflix run-up that my Money Calendar expected… NOT for $32,551… NOT EVEN for $1,390…

But for just $160. Total.

Talk about low-cost financing! That literally is pennies on the dollar!

Better yet, Money Calendar projected that this Loophole Trade could result in a profit of $340… a potential 212% gain that would turn every $160 invested into $500.00!

loophole trades

Sure enough, within two weeks, NFLX had jumped from $325.51 to $409.28. A nice 25.7% gain for those willing to risk more than $32,000.

buy nflx stock

But for those who would have made the Money Calendar Loophole Trade, there was DOUBLE great news!

First, the gains came through exactly as expected, turning $160 into $482… a whopping 201.3% gain.

Second, you could have TRIPLED your money without lifting a finger.


This Loophole Trade was so far in-the-money that instead of selling, I would have directed you to simply let everything expire. That means the whole trade would terminate automatically, with no human involvement.

You could have collected the entire 201.3% gain… and wouldn’t have had to share it with anybody. You wouldn’t even take a hit on any slippage.

THAT’S how you not only play with the big boys… but also beat them at their own game!

You’ll really LOVE these Money Calendar Loophole Trades.

They virtually FORCE the big boys to help YOU make money.

And they give you the potential to pocket extraordinary gains from stocks that would otherwise be too expensive or too risky. For example…

best stocks to invest in

A Loophole Trade in January could have got you in on Priceline (PCLN) for just $75. And it produced a +233.3% GAIN in 29 days.

Priceline stock

Just $86 could have got you in on another Loophole Trade that gained+ 225.6% in 30 days on Baker Hughes (BHI).

Baker Hughes stock

Then there’s the $270 Loophole Trade on Goldman Sachs Group (GS) that gained +71.1% in just eight days.

Now I’m thrilled to give you an opportunity you might have NEVER thought possible.

Money Calendar has just led me to a Loophole Trade that can get you in on a June 19th potential “payout appointment.”

Let me walk through it real quick…

A New “Loophole” Payout Appointment:

A 96% Potential Gain by June 19, 2015

The Money Calendar is revealing a striking pattern in Amazon right now…

In nine of the last 10 years, the stock begins an 18-day advance in the weeks leading up to June 19th.

Loophole payouts

And, because we’re the only people who can see this incredible pattern unfolding in this way, you have a unique chance to play it for a fast 96% potential gain.

You won’t have to fork over $430 a share, either.

Again, that’s the beauty of this “Loophole.”

It gives you an opportunity to control $43,000 worth of Amazon stock for just $255 bucks.

And it gives you the chance to lock in a 96% gain on one of America’s biggest retailers by June 19th.

Think about that…

It could take six long years for ‘regular’ Amazon investors to double their money. Or even longer. And they’ll have more than $40,000 of their savings hanging in the balance.

But not you.

You have a chance to be in and out of this trade in just 18 sessions… and with no more than $255 at stake.

how to make money in stocks

So circle June 19th on your calendar, too. And get ready…

How to Receive Your “Payout Appointments.”

So far in this presentation, I’ve pulled back the curtain and showed you exactly how a real trader works.

You’ve seen how my brand-new Money Calendar is the only tool on the planet that can give you a true “edge”…

It can determine which of the world’s top 250 stocks and ETFs made a consistent price move… this exact week… every single year for nine or 10 of the past 10 years

It can pinpoint simple, but very specific trades with a statistical expectation to turn tiny moves in a stock into gains of up to 100%… 200%… even 300% or more

It identifies potential “pay appointments” within 30 days or less

It offers trades with extremely low risk – trading even the most expensive stocks like Apple or Priceline for no more than $500 per trade, and…

It delivers these minimum-risk, maximum-gain opportunities virtually any day of the week!

You’ve literally looked over my shoulder and seen exactly how each and every Money Calendar trade can be identified quickly and easily. With no confusion, no guess-work at all.

You’ve seen dozens of recent, profitable trades unearthed by backtesting my Money Calendar.

And I’ve already walked you step-by-step through four new Money Calendar trade opportunities that are set to double your money by a certain date in time.

Amazon could double your money by June 19th.

Dow Chemical could do it by June 26th.

Exelon by July 9th.

Baxter International could double your money by July 9th, as well.

And remember…

The “doubling point” is just the minimum profit target.

And as incredible as all that is, it’s still barely the beginning.

Every single trading day of the year, Money Calendar unearths decade-old patterns that nobody else can see. And I turn those patterns into hot, new Money Calendar trade recommendations.

These are trades that could fill your own personal calendar with potential money-doubling “payout appointments” within 30 days.

Look at a few of the incredible gains potential so far this year alone…

Gilead Sciences (GILD) gained +147.5% in 28 days…

payout appointments

TEVA (TEVA) DOUBLED in just three days…

stock payout appointments

And Corning (GLW) skyrocketed to a 148.8% GAIN in 30 trading days.

stock payout appointment

Then there’s Health Care Select Sector SPDR (XLV) that almost TRIPLED with a 171.1% GAIN in seven days…

stocks to buy now

And McDonalds (MCD) gained 137.4% in 30 trading days.

Mcdonalds stock

The question is: How do you keep getting opportunity after opportunity like these week-in and week-out?

And how do you continue to get a weekly step-by-step video so you easily watch and learn while you make money?

There’s only one way.

With my Money Calendar Alert, a brand-new research service for people who like to make lots money.

Let’s make you some money.

There are more than 5,000 companies listed on the major U.S. exchanges. And only 3,000 of them have the potential to make Money Calendar trades.

But who has time to look at 3,000 stocks every single day?

And who can hunt down patterns that happen 90 to 100% of the time for the last 10 years on every single one of them? NOBODY!

There’s absolutely no way you or anybody else could spot these tiny, consistently lucrative patterns on your own.

You’d literally have to look through thousands of stock records, comparing millions of date ranges… for over 10 years’ worth of data.

That’s over 328,000,000 data points to cover.

And even then, it’s unlikely you’d spot these tiny, powerful patterns.

But Money Calendar does all that automatically for me… every single day.

That’s where every Money Calendar Alert starts.

Then I take all the information that Money Calendar gives me, and I boil it down to the most potent and most actionable opportunities.

Using my one-of-a-kind tools… and years of trading experience… I reject 99.93% of the possibilities to give you only two Money Calendar trades every week.

I’m talking the two best weekly trades with reward-to-risk ratios of 2 to 1… 3 to 1… even some as high as 10 to 1.

That’s up to a potential 1,000% return on investment… backed by 10 years of rock solid history…

This is new money from trades you aren’t even making now!

Think about what that could mean on a VERY conservative basis.

If you were to take advantage of two trades a week, and risk the maximum $500 per trade, that’s $4,000 a month.

If each trade were to average a reward-to-risk ratio of 5-to-1, your $4,000 could become $20,000.

If they averaged a ratio of 3-to-1, your $4,000 could become $12,000.

And if they fetched a 2-to-1 ratio, your $4,000 could become $8,000.

But because I’m all about minimizing risk, let’s look a worst-case scenario square in the eye.

Even if all hell breaks loose and the Money Calendar has a horrible month…

Even if HALF of those trades lose everything…

Even if the other half only averages my MINIMUM expectation of a 100% gain…

The worst you would do is break even.

But let’s face it. With me cherry-picking the top 0.06% of all potential Money Calendar trades…

With my stubborn refusal to even consider recommending a trade unless my Percent-to-Double tool shows a very real chance of at least a double…

It’s hard to imagine not making a fortune.

And it’s hard to believe how easy it is to start securing your lifestyle and retirement with your own potential “payout appointments” every week.

Let me show you exactly what you’ll get with as a Charter Member of Money Calendar Alert

The “backbone” of your Money Calendar Alert is the in-depth Money Calendar Email Bulletin you’ll receive every week.

Here’s a look at my latest one. how to make money

The first thing you’ll notice are my timely Market Observations:

No matter what Money Calendar tells me happened in the past, I make sure to keep my eyes on the present AND the future.

In this section, I’ll give you my take on the most critical world events that could impact our trades both today… and tomorrow.

Next comes the meat of my service – Money Calendar Trade Recommendations:

This is where I give you all the details on the two best trades Money Calendar helped me identify for the current week. One of the trades will be the very best “bullish” trade. And the other will be my top “bearish” trade.

Since Money Calendar identifies profitable trade opportunities no matter which way the market is going… or which way a company is performing… these trades will give you the best of both worlds.

Remember, my Money Calendar trades are sophisticated price/time collisions. So with every trade, I’ll spell out three main things:

  1. Target PRICE
  2. Stop loss, and
  3. TIME target

That’s everything you need to know in advance. Exactly when to get inwhat your goal is, and when to get out.

And, of course, I’ll tell you exactly how to set up every trade based on that exact information.

The beauty is, once you make your Money Calendar trade, you never have to worry about lifting a finger.

You never have to do anything other than circle your calendar and prepare to collect any potential gains… unless you get a specific update from me.

And that brings me to your next benefit – Money Calendar Urgent Email UpdatesTom Gentile The Money Calendar

While I promise that every week I will deliver you two exciting Money Calendar trades that could double your money, and I promise to spell out exactly when to get in and out of every trade…

The market doesn’t always operate by our calendar. And it often won’t wait a week.

That’s when you’ll receive an Urgent Email Update from me.

Any time there’s something you need to know – or a move you need to make – I’ll send you an email so you’ll know exactly what to do… or what not to do.

No confusion. No guessing. No worry.

Now let’s take a look at the Portfolio Review you’ll find in every weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletin.

Because I give you all the entry and exit information on every new Money Calendar trade in advance, you can pretty much forget about each trade until your potential “payout appointments.”

But I never stop watching them.

So in every weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletin, I’ll review the status of every one of our “open” trades with you like this.

You’ll also enjoy Money Calendar Online.

This is your 24/7, members-only web link to every current potential “payout appointment” and all the details behind every recommendation.

Now if that were the extent of your benefits, Money Calendar Alert would still be an amazing new source of potential new gains for you.

But you’ll also get one more subscriber benefit that puts Money Calendar Alert WAY over the top.

I’m going to give you something nobody else can: my Weekly Trade VideoTom Gentile

The very afternoon that you receive your Money Calendar Email, I’m going to let you do what nobody else does…

You’ll be able to literally look over my shoulder via streaming video… much like you’ve been doing throughout this presentation.

I’ll show you exactly how to place BOTH of the new moneymaking opportunities in your Money Calendar Email Bulletin.

You’re going to see the screens I see… and the moves that I would make.

You’re going to walk with me, step-by-step through the mechanics and logic behind every single trade.

And you’ll reap the benefits whether you decide to invest right then and there or you simply follow my “live” paper-trading videos to see how its done.

This not only makes padding your nest egg with Money Calendar trades fun and super easy…

It’s like getting a Master’s degree in a new and exciting way of making money!

If there’s an easier opportunity to make extraordinary money… or a more lucrative way to potentially bolster your portfolio with gains you aren’t getting now… I don’t know what it is.

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen or done before.

You’re not going to find ANYTHING even close to this anywhere else.

And I’ve made sure this is so easy, you could start to get in on potential “payout appointments” TODAY when you click here, or the button below, right now.

Not only that… I promise you’ll have…

More fun than a barrel of MONEY.

Hopefully by now you can see that Money Calendar gives you a totally new way to make money…

But with Money Calendar Alert, you’re not just getting the chance to make money…

You’re not just going to learn a ton of stuff hardly anybody else knows about making money…

You’re going to have incredible FUN doing exactly what I do in my video!

Yes, I promise that investing this Money Calendar way is going to be both lucrative and fun!

It’s fun because it’s different… it’s fun because it’s new… it’s fun because you’ll practically have me by your side… it’s fun because of the confidence Money Calendar gives you…

And mostly, it’s fun because of the money you could make!

Everyone knows that past performance can’t guarantee future results. But let’s face it…

When you can see the same movement happening in the exact same time period… year-in and year-out for 10 years… it’s no surprise that they would happen again.

Let me walk you through another recent Money Calendar trade opportunity that would have been nothing but pure fun… because it could have paid out gains of 504.9% in less than two weeks.

stock trade opportunity

On January 7th, Money Calendar revealed a 90% consistent pattern of declines averaging $1.71 per share in stock of SanDisk (SNDK).

And it pointed to a trade costing only $224 that set up a potential “payout appointment” by January 30th.

This time the Money Calendar was right – in spades.

Shares of SanDisk plummeted not just $1.71 per share, but $18.79 a share… dropping from $94.41 to $75.62.

Those who held shares of SanDisk stood to LOSE 20% of their investment.

SanDisk stock

But anyone who would have known about the Money Calendar trade made out like bandits… to the tune of a 504.9% GAIN!

Talk about FUN!!!!

That single trade could have turned every measly $224 invested into over $1,300!

And there were plenty more big-fun Money Calendar gains where that came from…

Like when Mosaic (MOS) gained +417.2% in 30 trading days…

Mosaic stock

And Walt Disney (DIS) gained +328.6% in 30 days…

Walt Disney stock

Of course, I’ll never forget January 9th. That’s when Merck (MRK) gained a whopping +568% in just seven days!

Merck stock

Pretty exciting, right?

So what would you expect to pay just to take a peek at my exclusive Money Calendar patterns every week?

How fast could your portfolio grow if you suddenly had access to the top .06% of possible Money Calendar trades… based on a 10-year track record of 90 to 100% consistency… with the potential to at least DOUBLE your money?

What would it be worth to YOUR retirement and YOUR lifestyle to have a professional trader’s analysis to guide you through those exact trades, step-by-step every single week?

Well, like I said, I’ve sunk millions of dollars into developing my Money Calendar.

And I know of many people who pay upwards of $40,000 a year for help with their investments.

Of course, with my research, I don’t think you’ll ever need to do that…

So at the regular price of $4,995 per year, Money Calendar Alert isn’t simply an extreme value… it’s a no-brainer.

Just one month of trades meeting my minimum threshold would more than pay for the whole year… and then some.

But here’s the thing. YOU don’t have to pay anywhere near $4,995. Not if you respond today.

If you click the button below right now, you can get in at our special Charter Member rate. That means you’ll get…

  • IMMEDIATE FULL DETAILS for making all four of the exciting new Money Calendar trades I’ve given you today. Trades that could set your first potential “payout appointments” for next month
  • You’ll get 52 weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletins that give you everything you need to know to get in on the hottest new Money Calendar trades…Remember, these are exclusive trades based on 10 years of data you won’t find anywhere else… and hand-picked by me because of their potential to at least DOUBLE your money within 30 days or less.
  • You’ll get a full year of my Weekly Trade Videos teaching you as much as you want to know while guiding you every step of the way through every Money Calendar trade…
  • You’ll get 24/7 access to the members-only Money Calendar Online website…
  • You’ll get 365 days of my unique options education, market observations, and so much more.

And you’ll get all that for only $1,950. That’s 60% OFF the regular price.

You’ll be guaranteed this lowest-ever rate for life, too, as long as you maintain your subscription.

And when you click on the button below today, I’m going to make it even easier to get started… there’s really only one way you can lose.

I’ve worked very hard to tailor Money Calendar Alert for people investing at every level. So how you use it is totally up to you.

You could dive right in with both feet, or you could start just trading “on paper.”

You could even take your time – just watching and learning with the first few trades.

Or you could choose not to invest at all and simply benefit from my analysis and research. It’s totally up to you.

No matter what you decide, I promise

  • You’re going to love making money this new and exciting way.
  • You’re going to trade like a pro…
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make a ton of NEW money from NEW trades that you couldn’t possibly find on your own…
  • And you’re going to have a blast doing it!

If not, just contact Money Map Press within the first 30 days, and I’ll make sure you get a full 100% refund of your subscription fee. It’s that simple.

The truth is… even without this guarantee, there’s really only one way you could lose in signing up…

And that’s if you don’t take advantage of this incredible Charter Member offer today.

As you can imagine, to keep these Money Calendar trade opportunities liquid – and the learning well-paced – I need to keep membership small.

So we’re only extending this Money Calendar Alert Charter Member invitation to a limited group of people. A group I hope you’ll soon be a part of.

But be forewarned – I have no idea how long this lowest “Charter Member” opportunity will last.

If you don’t click the button below and get in today, you may not get in at all.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose… why risk it?

Or call our staff at 1-855-509-6600 (1-410-622-3004 for international callers) and mention your “Charter Member” Priority Code: ETMCR650. They’ll answer any questions you may have about the service and sign you up right away.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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