Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom is known as America’s #1 Pattern Trader, and for good reasons.

Tom started his investment career in his parent’s house back in 1986, and in 1993 Tom and a group of partners founded Optionetics, an educational company that quickly established a stellar reputation in the field of options education.

In 2009, Optionetics was sold to optionsXpress, and later still acquired by one of the world’s largest financial firms in the world for $1 billion.

Tom’s taught over 300,000 traders his option trading secrets in a variety of settings, including seminars, workshops, and sponsored events like The Money Show.

Today Tom is a regular guest on CNBC Asia and CNBC US, Europe and Asia, and on other networks, including Reuters and Bloomberg.

He’s also a bestselling author of eight books and training courses.

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    Tom I was watching a presentation where you where talking about 10-TRADE GIVEAWAY. After the video was over and it said Join here is what I saw {“type”:”https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.4″,”title”:”Not Found”,”status”:404,”traceId”:”00-2e1d546a1e383a41a28bddaffa26aea5-31a6edba0b8aba41-00″}
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