Why do I need to read Power Profit Trades?

The reality of investing today is pretty dark. Understanding how the odds are stacked against you is a bit of a mind-blower:

Of all retail traders, 70% lose all their money inside of one year.

And within the 30% who make money, only 5% of all retail traders make money over time.

And only 1% make the vast majority of that money!

Simply put, you want to read Power Profit Trades to avoid the failure that ensnares 99% of those who are simply not prepared to make money.

Tom Gentile has spent 30 years researching and perfecting his secrets for becoming part of the “1%” elite. What he’s uncovered and developed is a proprietary systematic approach to investing that delivers 100-200% gains on stock moves as low as 3-4%. Every day!

Imagine the wealth you could accumulate knowing which stocks can deliver those gains on any given day, and for any specific period of time.

Power Profit Trades will teach you how to pick the right trading tactics: tactics you don’t know about yet or haven’t been able to use effectively. Tom will provide you classroom-like videos reviewing the strategies, and show you how they played out in real-time trade examples.

Tom’s focus is always how to make money and how to keep your money safe, and educate you in order to “Learn While You Earn.”

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