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In this report I’ll show you how a small move in shares of Apple can lead to a profit-doubling opportunity, all within the next 27 days.

I’m a “technical” trader. I follow price patterns I’ve uncovered after spending 10 years studying hundreds of thousands of data points… including velocity, volatility, swing trades, and more than 21 other identifiers for profits.

My proprietary system shows me with virtually 100% certainty how much a stock moved 80-90% of the time for the past 10 years, and for exactly how long.

The trades I’ll take you through in Power Profit Trades have the potential to put 100% returns in your pocket on moves of only 3-4% in the stock price.

In Power Profit Trades I’ll walk you through the anatomy of my trades, breaking them down step-by-step so you’ll thoroughly understand how we’re making the kind of money you’ve probably not made before.

I use simple trading strategies. I never accept unknown risks on any trade I enter, and neither should you. Following along twice a week with the tactics in Power Profit Trades I’ll show you how it’s entirely possible to double your money in many cases for a cost of under $1 per share in stock.

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Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile

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